The Only Effective Way To Break Your Bad Habits

Bad habits habits are something that are ingrained in someone’s very nature, and are difficult to get rid off.

That doesn’t mean that you have to consider yourself a lost cause, because there is ALWAYS something you can do to change.

So don’t lose hope,

Let’s see how:

Now, before we get into effective ways to destroy those bad habits, we need to understand what they actually are, first.

Because from a good understanding, we can develop strategies that work.

So, what are bad habits, REALLY?

A (bad) collection of things you do on a constant basis that YOU KNOW are bad for you, but do it anyway?

…Heh, yes and no.
Let me explain.

While bad habits of course, retain the meaning of what I’ve mentioned above, are more than that.

But bad habits are also the result of multiple bad decisions that have been extended through a long period of time, and had the chance to spread roots into your subconscious mind.

And that’s because AT FIRST, bad habits are simply… indulgences:

  • Porn
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Procrastination
  • Smoking
  • Unhealthy choices

Though there are other smaller things that you won’t consider bad habits by their appereance and (false) innocence,

They ALWAYS start as a one-time gig… or so you think.

But then… something happens.

That one, apparently innocent choice becomes 2, then 3, then 10…until you reach a point in which you wonder why you can’t shake it off anymore.

And a bad habit is born.

But it didn’t materialize out of thin air.

YOU helped it form.
YOU gave it attention.
YOU gave it time.
YOU gave it resources.

So, the bad news is that it’s completely YOUR FAULT.
The good news instead is… that it’s completely YOUR FAULT.

Confused? Don’t be.

It’s quite easy really, stay with me, let’s actually see HOW to break your bad habits now.

In the end, you are both your success & your dismay

So, what i actually mean is that you control the outcome.

How did those bad habits came to be in the first place?
Exactly, because of you.

And how will they disappear? Same reason.

And it makes sense when you think about it, just as you enabled yourself to let go and fall into those things,

You’ll have to reel it back, and physically & mentally distantiate from them.

Remember how i said that because of your first indulgence, then the chain of bad decisions came to be? Reverse engine all of that and you have the solution.

Just as you indulged day after day, time after time…
You will have to NOT do that for the same amount of time, seems logical.

But of course it’s going to be much harder than when you first started indulging.

But why is that?

Because now you actually have to exert something you didn’t think to put in when you first started going down the bad path:


That’s the thing most people with bad habits struggle the most with.

Think it as a “price” you have to pay, now, if you want back your normal, non-addicted state of mind.

For some this might be harder to take in, but there’s no magic trick when it comes to it, sorry-not-sorry.

The only way you can come out of this as a better person is to push aside, ignore whatever you might feel in the moment, for a better, cleaner future.

It’s the ONLY way.

And i know, at first it’ll be damn hard, but once you start to build this streak of not giving in, it’ll get EXPONENTIALLY EASIER.

Until you will find yourself to a point where you’re not even thinking anymore, and you long left behind whatever that was.

It’ll be seamless.

But you got to suffer a little bit, at first.
But remember, relapses are something to be expected.

Is in that moment that you’ll need to think for your higher good and to the thing that’ll benefit you.

Thanks for reading.

If you liked this post and i helped you in any way, please comment and share it with your friends.

Take care.

The Power Of Patience In A Chaotic World


Now, this is something that I’ve always struggled with in the past, I was uncontrollable and impatient at times when I most needed not to.

But with my current understanding, and considering how I’ve evolved through the years, I might be able to assist you in this journey towards patience, and how having it could benefit you in these dire times.

We all know,

The world is a messy place, and more often than not, your composure WILL be continuously tested.

So you can see that by having a good deal of patience, you could navigate life more serenely (and less with a frown on your face 😉 ).

But what is patience?

Patience is often “reduced” to just having the ability to wait for a usually long stretch of time in order to gain something… but… it’s more than that.

Patience instead, is the ability to withstand and endure things THROUGH time, while not becoming affected (in a negative way) by external factors outside of your control.

“Can patience really help me? I think you’re just full of sh*t and are always high on some substance, because that’s just not possible that you are that calm, V!”

Aaaaaaaaaaand that’s where you are wrong, my clueless little angry friend.

Let’s talk about it.

You see, unlike some want you to believe, patience is not a thing you’re “just born with”.

That is simply someone mixing up someone else’s tranquil personality, with patience.

Patience is a skill,
And as such needs to be developed, trained.

To fully grasp THE POWER of patience, let me tell you some of the things it can do for you:

  1. It slows down your reasoning and brings it to a whole another level, making you understand that you can’t rush through everything.
  2. You become more resilient overall, physically, mentally, emotionally.
  3. Helps you keep your cool in stressful situations.
  4. Makes you understand that the good things in life need time, and constant effort.
  5. You will become and appear more rooted and unaffected by things, in the eyes of people.
  6. Gives you access to OPPORTUNITIES, by learning to wait for the right one.
  7. You make better, thoughtful decisions overall.
  8. Gives you an edge on life.
  9. You’ll be able to have healthier, happier & more deep relationships.

I could list countless other benefits, but i think you got what i’m trying to say.

By being hasty and thoughtless, you’ll rarely get something good out of it.

That’s why you need to start and cultivate this lifesaving skill.

Think about it:

Especially now, when everything seems to be going down the drain… how do you plan to handle almost seemingly endless days of isolation?

Conflict inside your home?

Any semblance of your hard obtained progress halted?

The sudden and abrupt changes that society is facing?

Bad times in general?

You’ll need to be patient.

Patience is one of those things that could LITERALLY make an impactful difference and, once developed & mastered, make you realize what a stupid spoiled kid you were.

Because right now we’re looking at a society with a “I want it fast, and i want it now” mindset.

And you don’t need me to explain you how many drawbacks this way of living life has.

A person is basically setting itself up for certain failure.

While an individual possessing patience it’s automatically more balanced, centered and sure of himself\herself,

And that’s because patience it’s naturally a grounding force.

There’s a famous way of saying that goes like this:
“Haste makes waste”

And that makes sense, right?

Who do you think has a better chance of surprising their dinner guests?

Someone who bought frozen dishes and quickly placed them in a microwave, hoping for them not to notice,


Someone who instead went through the hassle and the process of making a recipe that probably took a few days of preparation and laborious cooking, but knew that the final result would leave their guests in awe?

Sure, it took more time & work, but the results cannot possibly be compared to the frozen, heartless, bland dish.

Because what you put in the homemade dish was something far more of quality, of value!

Because you poured YOURSELF,
Your time,
Your heart,

Into the process, without rushing through it, you carefully went ahead and planned every little detail…

Of course in the end, the result it’s INCOMPARABLE!

Needless to say, that in the end to acquire patience you need…patience!
Funny, right?

But that’s true! after all it makes sense because being a skill, it needs to be trained like any other skill, but by trying to make little efforts and implementing it, DAY BY DAY

You will start to see results in your life and become amazed on how your approach changes when facing certain situations,

And the great thing is that you can do it TODAY!

You can start by being more lenient with the people around you, by slowing down & acknowledging that in this state of mind you can do great things.

But remember, it’s not all sunshine and flowers – there will be times when you’ll be tempted to lose your temper and scream in someone’s face,

The difference is BOTH in how you react in the moment, and handle the after, this too, is patience.

Try it.

And tell me how it went, i’d love to hear from you – and if this post has helped you in ANY way, please let me know in the comments.

6 Effective Ways To Find Success Faster (Without Relying On Luck)

Success, unlike the majority of people believes- it’s not created by blind luck, instead- success it’s the result of a series of (usually good) decisions that compound together. More specifically, these decisions are also heavily “sticked to” habits that one might have imposed on itself, in order to succeed. Here’s some:


How your liver will look if you keep partying every freaking week.

This may seem obvious, but isn’t to some. How’s your future supposed to benefit from you getting wasted? It doesn’t – it makes you unhealthy, pitiful and WEAK.

Ditch the booze, it’s not helping you. You’ll thank me once you don’t even have a drop of alcohol in your body.


I’m guilty of this, too.

Listen, i love videogames – but you have to realize that you’re losing 8 hours a day “working” towards nothingness.

How come you can focus for that much time while leveling up your character on World Of Warcraft, and then when it comes to doing something that can actually put you in a better position (Working out, building that business, finishing that paper ecc…) you get flustered within the first 3 minutes? I mean, what the hell.

And that applies to mindlessly scrolling through social media\Youtube – too. What are you, a drug addict? you don’t need to check that fucking stuff so much, Twice a day it’s enough – START FOCUSING, TIME DOESN’T COME BACK.


Who doesn’t believe in you,
The News,
Porn, (that can count as procrastinating)
People who talk the talk but haven’t walked the walk,
Who no longer serves anything in your life,
What society says.


Do nothing and you will get nothing.

In order to success to find you, you need to put yourself between OPPORTUNITIES – that means that you have to recognize, analyze and then take chances that are presented to you- make some dust, create connections with people, take that job if you think you can use it as a stepping stone, do something you didn’t think you could do or that you deem “out of reach” or out of your capabilities.

You see money flowing from somewhere? JUMP INTO THE STREAM, and see how you can gain from it.

What i’m trying to say it’s that you have to be action-oriented. Because by doing, something always come back – Every action causes a reaction.


This is aimed more towards men, but it can be generalized, and it’s pretty self explanatory.

Instead of losing time chasing women and what’s between their legs, focus on your passion, your purpose – your life.

Fix it, because as you are now you’re not ready to get in a relationship, you’ll get your heart broken without understanding why, and you really don’t have that kind of time, do you? you’ll see that as the more you build yourself, women will come by themselves, and not some low quality ones that go sleep around with everyone.

And the more important lesson from this is : MORE TIME FOR YOU TO BUILD YOURSELF.


Of what everyone does, because you will not achieve success by doing what everyone else is doing.

You HAVE to be the exception, the 1% – because success it’s not found in “being normal”, success only follows the extraordinary, the ones who dare to shoot not for the Moon, but for Saturn.

Innovate. Make the old obsolete by building something new. Concentrate on your strengths while polishing your weaknesses.

Because by doing what the majority does, you will achieve that majority’s results.

If you liked this post please tell me what you think about it, and what are some other ways you are finding working for you.

Take care.

A Short Fitness Motivation Story: My Experience.

So, months ago I’ve injured my shoulder and arm, nothing TOO serious, mind you …

BUT still, it was annoying to the point I couldn’t train like I wanted to, and exercises were painful. What did I do? I kept on working out…

So I’ve thought: “Well, this is going to stay with me for a while, how do I approach this? I sure as hell don’t wanna lose my progress.”

I then decided to undertake a LESS demanding workout routine, consisted of a mix of rehab exercises (stretch, mobility ecc..)

WHILE keeping the strength part challenging (maintenance) with the focus on not worsening my injury.

Can you see what i’m trying to say?

I formulated a plan in order for me to not have excuses and be complacent, an actionable plan, based off my situation.

I didn’t think “Oh well, now I can’t train anymore” – that would’ve been an easy, poor EXCUSE.

I could’ve just given up and stay on the sofa all day, eating chips & watching Netflix…

But i didn’t.


Your mind WILL do everything to avoid doing hard things, will YOU let it win this battle?

3 Helpful Signs You Need To Look Out For To Spot The People You Should Keep In Your Life.

As you probably know, life is already hard by itself, you surely don’t need a bunch of people who do not serve any purpose and that instead complicate it even further,

That’s how you discern bad people from the good ones:


I don’t want to make it sound like all relationships should be give-and-take, but …that’s exactly how I want it to sound.

“But V, you’re a materialistic person!”

Not really,
(And it’s not even give-and-take, but it’s simply what you might call “a true relationship”)

ALL kinds of relationships should be looking to improve with time, a lack of this results in stale, soulless relationships.

You can’t expect to just give OR take.
For a relationship to be successful, a balanced amount of both is what you’re looking for.

For both parties to give and take it’s a must.

It’s what the fertilizer is to the soil.
You can’t expect it to bear fruit if you don’t plant a seed and cultivate it first.

Call me old-fashioned but that’s how true bonds are forged.

You both do SOMETHING to make the other flourish, in this way you let them know with actions, that you really do appreciate their presence in your life.

Words can only go that far.


This is a Huuuge factor.

Very few people in this world can live without bringing others down in any way shape or form.

Toxicity in this case is shown in different ways towards you, these are some of the common traits a toxic person might have:

  1. Jealousy
  2. Envy
  3. Criticism (not the good type, but the one intended to JUST hurt)
  4. Always create drama for little, trivial things.
  5. They act as parasites, leeches.
  6. Act Manipulative.
  7. Talk behind your back.
  8. Lies without reason.
  9. Backstabber.
  10. Coward.

Instead they should:

  1. Root for your success.
  2. Be happy for you.
  3. Give you useful & constructive criticism.
  4. Solve problems you’re both facing with you.
  5. Act as teammates.
  6. Tell you the truth, even if painful.
  7. Stand beside you when shit hits the fan (huge thing)
  8. Behave with honor & integrity.
  9. Respect you.
  10. Not be cowards.



This is a mark of a truly great individual if you ask me, because in this day and age words are slowly but surely losing their meaning.

A person who keeps their promises and is faithful to his\her words it’s rare and a sight to behold.

It means that you usually can trust that person with something because you know he\she’ll deliver on their words, and that what comes from their mouths it’s actually VALUABLE and concrete.

It’s someone you can and should have besides you because in this life made up of uncertainties, an accountable person sheds a hopeful light in a sea that’s void of values and filled with nothingness.

Do you think i missed something?
WELL, what are you waiting for, drop your thoughts in the comment!

How To Stay Motivated When Working Out From Home.

For some, this stay at home situation might be taking a heavier toll out of you when compared to others, and that’s understandable.

What it’s not understandable is your lack of SHEER WILLPOWER, when it comes to being healthier.

Because you see, having a strong mindset it’s crucial when it comes to your training…

And you can’t expect to naturally have that.
A strong mind is forged while you forge your body.

They are related to each other, they coexist.
There’s no such thing as a man or a woman with a great body that doesn’t have an iron mind.

So, how can you keep your mood unscathed while you’re building both of these things?

The truth is…

You can’t.

But hear me out.

Your motivation and mood WILL take a lot of blows, but that’s because our emotions are volatile, and you can’t really avoid frustration and bad feelings.

That’s just how life works.

But you need to start SOMEWHERE, right?
Don’t despair, because there IS something you CAN do to facilitate the process.


Because that does not produce ANY kind of results. It only cripples you and your progress instead.

Missed a workout? Doesn’t matter, don’t miss it again.
Had a cheat meal? Doesn’t matter, don’t do it again.
You are in “I’ll do it tomorrow” mode? Don’t, do it today.

When you think about it it’s very simple: Just do the things that will give you results.

That’s how you break from the chain of bad mood AND strengthen your mind at the same time.

Trust me.
That’s how you begin building that great streak that will leave you feel good and you won’t stop going forward because of the incredible amounts of results that you’re seeing.

Don’t despair because you couldn’t complete another rep, or couldn’t do a particular exercise.

Everyone improves at their own pace, it’s only natural! But the thing that doesn’t change is that, at the same time, everyone needs to put in work.

And if you STILL have no motivation whatsoever, THINK! :

Think about the body you’ll have if you just start.

Think about the health benefits that you’ll gain.

Think about the incredible strength you will develop.

Think about those abs finally getting visible.

Have your goals always in front of you while you’re trying to attain ANYTHING in life, they will be your guiding light.

But the most important thing you need to do, is to just get the ball rolling, start- in short.

Start believing in your fucking self, that is!

And if you don’t know where, or how to start on your fitness journey, my Ultimate Fitness Guide can assist you throughout the process.

Straight to the point.
Crazy affordable.
Got EVERYTHING you’ll ever need. (Meal plans, nutrition, workout, tips & tricks…you name it!)

Don’t believe it?
I’m even offering a flash 20% DISCOUNT just for the next 10 orders
, Hurry!

See for yourself how my guide can assist your transformation.

A Quick & Healthy Recipe For Whenever You Need Energy At Any Time Of The Day!

This is a recipe from my upcoming new Healthy Recipe Book! (If you’re interested in having it for FREE, you can get my Ultimate Fitness Guide for Everyone, so you automatically qualify for getting it.)

But let’s go straight to the meat and potatoes! (even though it has nothing to do with neither of them)

This EASY and super quick recipe can be used either for Breakfast or for a snack, before\after you train.

Swift Breakfast Banana Protein Cookies

Now, these cookies have been my staple breakfast for A LOT OF TIME, Since they’re packed with goodness and they’re extremely quick, super easy to make and versatile, I thought I’d share them with you – let’s go.


• A ripe Banana
• Oats (rolled, you can use both bigger cuts or finer)
• Peanut Butter (use chunky if you’d like a firmer consistence, either way is fine)
• Cinnamon, powdered
• Salt, (fine).


Peel the banana, cut it in chunks and start smashing it with a fork, until you get a paste, very jelly-like.

Add the peanut butter and mix until the banana and the butter become ONE.

Only after, Add the salt and the cinnamon, and in the end the oats.

Mix again very well until you have a thick(er) consistence.

Preheat the oven at 200C° And in the meanwhile prepare a tray with some greaseproof paper, and help yourself shape the cookies with a spoon, since the mixture will be very sticky.

Place the cookies on the tray, making sure they have some distance between each other, and bake them for 8\10 minutes.


Stop Looking For Women, What You Should Really Focus On As A Man.

You see, the problem with you guys is that unless you have the truth under your damn nose, you refuse to see it.

And that is because you’re more comfortable that way.
I know it.
I’ve been through it too.

But that’s why i’m here after all, TO ROAST YOU and question your intelligence, because the rumor that we think with our… well, with out dingus, it’s more truth than not at times.

…But that works against us when it comes to relationships & life.
Stay with me, i’m going to explain you a few things that now seem like ancient knowledge, that might change your life:

Now, when i say “stop looking” i don’t mean forever, mind you.

What i imply is that you must stop looking for it, actively.
Why? The reason is simple:

As a man you have other things that take priority over women.

And these things are ENORMOUSLY underlooked by the majority of men, because society wants you to believe that is “ok” to not have these things in check.

(And are far more important than women for your life, of course)

And that is bullshit, and also the reason why most of your relationships with women WILL fail.

Like your finances,
Your body,
Your mental health,
Your dreams.
Your family.

These are just some examples, but are key.

Because you see, women are generally looking for a man who’s stable, who they can rely on- a pillar- so to speak.

How do you possibly think that they can be attracted (long-term) to a lazy ass mofo with no aspirations or goals, that spends his days scratching his ass smoking weed and drinking beer on the couch?

Nobody is attracted to worms.

Makes sense, right?

Now, you shouldn’t be doing this in the first place for getting women, but you should do it for yourself, to improve your situation.

To give the man a reason, a purpose! that’s how it should be.

And while you’re concentrated on all that goodness, women will naturally “flock” to you.

A (good) woman should be A COMPLEMENT, to a man’s life.
The beautiful missing piece,
The “upgrade”,
The better-quality oil that makes the machine work better, even when the machine is working just fine by itself.

Not his focus!

We as men should avoid comfort, it makes us stagnant, makes us loose our “edge”.
As men we should be always prepared to act.

But don’t think we should not be able to lower our guard from time to time, we’re not machines.

We have emotions, we’re emotional beings as well- just *less*- when compared to a woman.

And that is when polarity comes into play.
As a man you want to be, most of the time, ready to face anything – but you’ll need comfort as well, even though you don’t need for it to be your state of being.

And a woman can provide all that.
Softness, tenderness, femininity… It’s all a balance.

And that’s exactly how it should be if you want women to be interested in you as a potential lifelong partner.

THEY are the one looking to find & provide comfort.
YOU, as a man, should be the strength.

So when a woman senses softness, weakness….in a man, it makes her waver. Those shouldn’t be masculine traits.

So, to wrap this all up.
Can you see my point on why you shouldn’t waste your time? how can you afford that when you have so many flaws to work on?

Trust me on this, when you have solved most of your problems you will be a much more appealing men from a woman’s perspective.

So please, stop wasting your time chasing relationships that YOU KNOW won’t go anywhere because of your personal lack of something.

Have a solid foundation on which to start meaningful things from, when a good woman shows up at your doorstep.

Take care.

I Don't Understand, How Do You "Revamp" Your Old Posts?

I see some blogs doing this and they even get “better results” than when they first published said post.

Please explain to me on how to make this magic work. Since i can’t seem to be able to do it at the moment.

Are already published posts “penalized” in some way when it comes to traction\traffic\whatever?

Do you have some steps you think i should follow overall? You can even link me to some articles you find valuable.

Let’s create a little discussion on this. Thanks! 😀

5 Powerful Ways To Decompress From Stress

Tough times are upon us and the need to find a bit of quiet or just being able to “let loose” it’s something important.

Let me give you my 5 personal ways i use to melt that awful feeling from my body and mind.


Breathing it’s something we have do CONSTANTLY, of course.

It only seem natural that the thing we do the most to guarantee our survival it’s also the thing that can help us the most.

Yet we tend to forget how to properly breathe and instead we leave things to the autopilot.

That’s DUMB.
Yet we do it anyway.
Think of the countless benefits you could gain from this.

Take some time to concentrate on your breathing, 5 minutes can help too.

The longer, the better, the more relaxed you will be.


I will cover this topic more extensively in the future 😉 BUT!
Being able to “let go” to the fire of passion with your significant other can really help …smooth things out.

Because all of those “good things” *wink wink* actually help the production of good chemicals within your body.

And at the same time you’re creating a safe environment in which you are able to really blow off some steam (In a safe, loving way) with your partner.


Now this is something i’ve discovered recently but…

Chanting (a mantra, a prayer, whatever) can bring an innate and almost mystic sense of peace to your nerves.

While i’ll leave to your own consideration if that’s something of holy nature or else, the power of vibrations it’s known to have soothing effects on one’s mind. (Take white noise as example, it’s used to calm down fussy babies and honestly works for me too.)

Whether it’s for the vibrations or for the power of belief and prayers, this can surely help you.


This is a very common method to cope with stress, yet many people underplay it.

Working out it’s a great way to reset your mind and let go of that destructive and awful energy, hell, you could even have a better session than usual when you’re stressed!


And i want to put emphasis on “Alone”.

It has been researched that spending time in nature helps with fighting depression, since it’s an incredibly soothing activity.

So it makes sense that it can be used for when someone’s under a lot of pressure.

I personally go out for a good hour without any kind of music or distraction (no phone either), because that interferes with my feelings, and if i blast my ears with music i won’t be able to “sort out” whatever i’m feeling at the moment.

And nature can help bring me that much needed clarity and tranquillity i so desperately need.

Plus, you burn calories & get fresh air.

Win-win situation.

So what do you think of these ways? have you found them helpful? Let me know in the comments, and drop your own personal ways too!

Take care.

Masculinity As A Positive Force.

A person whom i admire very much, Bruce Lee, it’s linked to today’s topic and i thought mentioning him was a thing it felt right.

Bruce, in my book – is a perfect example of Masculinity : He was an overall achiever, he had objectives on which he never gave up (The acting career) and he was, and probably still is the greatest Martial Artist the world has ever known.

Masculinity today, at times it’s seen like a (and let me put emphasis on the quotes) “”Toxic”” trait.

I completely disagree with that, as it is something that’s intrinsic to the very nature of a man, how can something we’re born with be toxic?

And apart from that, masculinity is a strong and positive force, Men’s situation are changed because of it, are inspired to do good because of it, they take ACTION to better their (and other’s!) life because of it.

Here’s a video that explains it in a very good way – it’s a short video but it’s full of meaning when confronted with a lot of stupid nonsense some people are spouting nowadays. Watch it if you have time:

Now, why do i associate masculinity with Bruce Lee? well, i think that when a Man rises against all odds to realize something that’s really dear to his heart- that’s when he really shines.

And that’s exactly what Bruce did.

Bruce was the “peak of human strength and performance”, but he didn’t accomplish all of this overnight, of course – behind his success there’s a tortuous and long process that was necessary for achieving his strength.

While he enjoyed to stay in (stellar) shape but more importantly to Fight, in this way he wanted to show others (but first and foremost he did this for himself, to better his abilities) that he was the best – you know, some good competition that gave as a fruit the obvious, sought after byproduct of Mastery.

And here comes the good part :

But why does a man put himself into so much trouble to accomplish something? you’d think it’s just to satisfy himself right?


While Martial arts can be seen as destructive, it teaches men (and Women, even though these tendencies are more prominent in Men) not to just “be stronger” which in itself is a byproduct – but to Protect something, someone, dear to them.

The rising of certain characteristics such as Heroism, Selflessness, Sacrifice, Kindness, Relentlessness – always spurs because of a greater reason that you can’t see on the surface, martial arts it’s just an example very dear to me, but there are countless different situations – as you’ve seen in the video – where masculinity can be applied to.

In the end, masculinity shouldn’t be overwhelmed with attacks that won’t really go anywhere, as it’s not synonym of violence, as some degenerates love to claim.

Like femininity, masculinity it’s simply a collection of traits found since the birth of human beings, into men.

For both sexes not to express themselves like nature programmed them to, it’s foolish and unnatural, and what REALLY should be “condemned” it’s the toxicity of an individual itself.

No one, I repeat : NO ONE should be attacked and belittled for expressing these beautiful qualities that makes humanity – Human.

Have a great day!
Take care.

The Best No Excuses Workout To Do At Home For Losing Fat.

The world’s in a bit of a pickle now, and working out from home it’s a thing that a lot of people will have to get used to, since gyms are closed.

Let me give you a quick workout so you don’t avoid training.

You probably have a lot of time on your hands already, but with this workout you really have no excuses.

Either you’re a beginner or a pro, you can modify this workout to make it easier\harder – it’s very flexible.

Let’s go:

Do as many as you can:

Pushups x15 (Go on your knees for the easier version/elevate your feet for the harder)

Image from the 8fit app.

Bodyweight Lunges x20 (If you can’t do lunges, just step out with your feet, use dumbbells for the harder version)

Image from the 8fit app.

High Crunches x8 (Do standard crunches for the easier version, grab a dumbell and hold it high through the motion for the harder)

Be sure to ROLL your shoulders down to your hips.

Dips x10 (slide your feet in for the easier version, extend feet for harder, use a dip bar with a weight for the hardest)

Jump Squats x10 (standard squats for the easier version, be sure not to rush through the exercise, feel the burn!)

Be sure to land SOFTLY on your feet.


It really takes little time to stay in shape.
Have you done this workout? did you find it useful?

Want me to bring you more workouts like this one, or something more specific to your needs? Just leave a comment and i’ll be sure to keep ’em coming!

Stay safe now,

Take care.

A Thing All Men Need To Start Doing NOW.

Do i REALLY need to explain this to you?

Ok, great – let me be blunt as always then, so you’ll get it through that thick skull of yours:


And you can act offended or do whatever the hell you want, but that’s reality.

See, if you’re the “”Man”” described above how would you:

  • Protect Yourself & Your Loved ones?
  • React to what life throws at you?
  • Carry yourself with PRIDE?
  • Be able to be a SOLID & Strong Role-Model For Your Children?
  • Lead Your Family in case of Danger?

THAT is why physical prowess it’s a MUST, for a Man.

And there is not shame in not being YET strong.

The only shame it’s to REMAIN that way.

And if you don’t know how to get started, and would like a hand to get in the best shape of your life, my guide can help you.



The Amazing Benefits & Superiority Of Fasted Workouts.

Fasted workouts are THE BEST, period.

When compared to “fueled” workouts, fasted workouts have clearly an incredible edge.

But why you ask?

Let me give you a few reasons, my friend! So you can bask into the awesomeness that are fasted workouts, with me.


This applies especially during long periods of fasting (16H minimum is what i recommend – and it’s called intermittent fasting) – the previous night you have dinner and then you don’t touch anything for that time frame, so usually until lunch.

So if you practice I.F. daily, working out fasted will increase your sensitivity to insulin, allowing your body to burn more fat and build muscle, with the aid of the growth hormone as well,

And studies have proven that while in a fasted state your body taps into your energy reserve fuel (called glycogen) and this leads to an increased fat loss effect.

So basically you’re not using energy from already ingested foods, instead you’re using your “survival energy”, so to speak.

And this applies to ANY kind of training, not just to cardio, like some people want you to believe (the famous “fasted cardio”) so to strength training too!

While you don’t have any of this when compared to a fed workout.


Now this is something i experienced after my FIRST fasted workout – it was hellish at first, i admit. But after you get used to it… you feel like a beast.

You suddenly have much more energy when compared to the “fed mode”.
You can go on for longer periods of time, and while we’re at it, there you go, a cool research on this – a detailed study mentioned in a Science Daily article.


As you start to become acquainted to working out with no ready-to-use fuel, it’s only obvious that your physical abilities WILL become better.

Since our body it’s great ad adapting to changes, it will automatically enhance itself, so you can keep performing at your best.

At first it’ll be hard, but after a while you will be able to endure big amounts of training without having to eat anything! Of course your body will get accustomed to that so it can adapt.

See it this way :

it’s like training with ankle\wrist weights for a period of time and then you take them off. And without you knowing it you became much faster and stronger.

Of course this comparison it’s actually the reverse when it comes to this topic, but i think you get the gist of it.

What about you?
Will you try working out in a fasted state soon? are you already doing it?

Tell me what you think.

Take care


5 Simple Ways on How To Start Working From Home Today.

We can easily say that we’re entering in a new era, and things such as work from home will become commonplace, especially now with this virus situation.

But how or where do you even begin working from the comfort of your house?

First of all, when it comes to be “self-employed” i can’t give you a straightforward answer since that covers a huge variety of topics, skills, and brands that need to be forged from the ground up,
So – nothing you could use to start earning a living INSTANTLY.

As this requires TIME & EFFORT.

Today i’ll be focusing on opportunities you can jump on, possibly from today.

If you want me to expand more on this list, narrowing down each element on it, just tell me so!

  • Telephone Operator – This will and IS rising, since it’s something you could do from your home. A lot of companies are currently hiring people to do this here, search for this job in your area!
  • Social Media Manager – Requires a form of experience, but soon the prerequisites will become more lenient as time passes (and the situation worsens unfortunately).
  • Online Jobs\Chat AssistanceVirtually requires no experience whatsoever, might be preceded by a small period of formation, assistance it’s something everyone could easily do.
  • Scheduling Posts\Tweets\ArticlesThis one is SO underrated.
    There are big but even small businesses that hire people to produce some form of content daily, this can easily make you 1K\a month, assuming you can write stuff (this could fall into the social media manager category, but it’s different)
  • Programming – IF you have some semblance of programming skills, there are companies who hire people to work from home, since they usually need extra people when working on a project. (One example of this are videogames) And programming jobs usually provide you with a decent pay.

These are just some examples that can easily give you a steady income, working from your home.

Each one has its pros & cons of course, and as i said before, if you want me to go deeper into detailing them and giving you advice for each one, just drop a comment down here.

Take care!

Now It’s The Best Time To Start Taking Care Of Yourself & Your Body, Here’s How:

If you are in the same situation as me, quarantine it’s fully in effect now, why not use this time to get ahead of others AND yourself?

Taking care of that (soon to be) beautiful body of yours it’s the first step to feel better with yourself.

Now you can’t say that you don’t have time to watch what you eat, or hell, that you don’t have time for working out.


And if you’re still finding some, then you’re hopeless.

THIS, my friend, is the most “perfect” occasion, void of any mirrors to climb on.

And let me tell you how to roughly start, IF you really care about your life and health:

  • Don’t fall prey to “the comfort” of saying something like : “well, the world is about to end so i can eat trash” No. Eat REAL, NUTRITIOUS FOODS.
  • Start moving, having to be inside it’s no excuse to not to train. Instead, it can be super harmful if you don’t.
  • Stop wasting your time watching Netflix.
  • Build your body so it’s more resilient – working out it’s one of the known ways to strengthen your immune system.
  • Use this long (trust me, it will be long) window of opportunity to make those changes you wanted to see.

People will not recognize you once this is all over, in a good way of course.

Trust me, not only you will do a favor to your life but you will be more “prepared” if this ugly virus will hit you.

And if you have no idea on how to start, hear me out.

Because of this coronavirus situation i believe EVERYONE should be healthier, since having a body able to withstand the sickness it’s a must.



  • Get you A FREE Mini-Recipe book with KILLER HEALTHY RECIPES! (coming out soon)
  • Get in the BEST shape of your life.
  • Make You Look sexier.
  • Make you stronger.
  • Make you healthier.

I’m not doing this crazy shit discount again.



Are Mentors Really Necessary When it Comes to Your Success?


Call them however you want, they’re usually the ones who light the way to the clueless you.

They’re a spring of knowledge and wisdom, and for a good reason: They’ve been tested and have been through the battlefield.

And they make your learning journey insightful but by no means easier than it would have been if you were on your own.

But are they REALLY necessary for your success?
The answer is… no.

And i say that because in the end, they’re merely acting as “sharpening stones” if you may,
For you, the raw piece of iron.

But that doesn’t mean that without the sharpening stone the piece of iron is useless.

You get what i’m trying to say?

If the piece of iron is of good quality (If you have good traits that let you thrive on your own) It STILL is an incredible raw material.

Sure, the mentor would surely help you – but at the end of the day, even if you had it, the work still needs to come FROM YOU.

So you can finally see that it’s not really about having someone to guide you, as long as you’re longing and doing everything you can to succeed.

Lost Women & Clueless Men In A Nutshell.

Ever wondered why the number of single women (and men) in their 20’s & 30’s it’s skyrocketing, and IT WILL keep on doing so in the near future? The root of the problem it’s not complicated by all means, instead it’s easily solvable but it NEEDS to be addressed. Let me explain:


One of the more prominent reasons of this single tendency it’s surely due to this “fake freedom” aimed to fill the void (generated by whatever reason) with hookups and short-lived relationships.

Both Men & Women who do engage consistently in such behaviors are usually missing values, are hurt or do not find reasons to STICK with someone in the long run.

They’d rather fall prey to that feeble rush of dopamine and pleasure instead to look at the big picture.

This it’s even more notable on younger generations. So, little to no values AND personality = short lived relationships.

Sorry to break it to ya. (Not really)


This is something that MEN have to take full responsibility for.

While some of you ladies won’t admit it (The good and self-aware ladies will) Women love to be “directed”, to be given a path to follow, a world to fall into,

(And before you get triggered – this has nothing to do with being controlled or “equality” or being in a “lower position”, wake the f**k up and stop with that childish nonsense.)

If you’re ugly as her, that might be another reason why you’re single.

Women usually love a Man who can lead the way, someone to follow, who is strong and knows how to navigate life and take decisions.

But Women usually settle or won’t bother to find a man who can do all that BECAUSE THERE’S A LACK- of this kind of Men all around, Ambitionless men who wander the earth, ugh.

And end up in a relationship with a soft man or they rather not be in one at all.


One of the causes is that society it’s trying to steer the wheel towards a “sexless” society.

Men are being feminized, while being weak it’s now the norm,

And that can’t be good, as humanity has thrived all these years because of distinction between male AND female.

Because we both have our strengths and weaknesses, and we’re at the best of our abilities when we join and support each other in a caring and solid way.


There’s no shame in being weak,
But in remaining that way.

You’re flaccid and want to take your life by the balls, and take back control.

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO CHANGE I’ll help you, for the next 10 orders i’m giving 15% OFF my Fitness Guide For Everyone,

If you follow my guide you’ll be:
– Stronger
– Healthier
– Look better
– Motivated

Hurry, it won’t last much longer.

Fitness Guide

The Virus Situation In Italy: Irresponsibility At Its Peak.

‘Tis more an introspective post than usual. Now, don’t get me wrong, i couldn’t care less about this virus BUT i’m not one of those individuals who underestimates the potential of it.

And seeing my “fellows countrymen” (aka utter idiots) acting like nothing is going on it fills me with rage and murderous instinct. I want to make them sober up like this:

Why you ask? Let me explain.

Let alone the fact that our politicians-and media, downplayed (like many other countries) the situation, like this was a normal flu, when it’s MUCH more than that.

But i won’t go into details to avoid misunderstandings and conspiracy territory.

And this led to people acting like savages with no ounce of thought:

  • People spitting in the face of medical stuff, to purposely spread and infect. (Yes, it happened.)
  • People going out and about like nothing is going on (this has ONLY NOW halted to a point, but still)
  • People Partying HARDER than usual.
  • People (Majors and Presidents) saying : “*insert italian city here* won’t close down! we’ll fight the virus with love AND more contact!”

And with the virus not manifesting symptoms UP TO 24 DAYS IN CERTAIN (rarer) cases…

What could possibly go wrong, right?

Yeah well,

Now Italy it’s the 2nd Most infected country in the world, after China.

The once buzzling streets are now empty and with people you can count with your fingers.

With deaths rising daily. this can and probably WILL go out of hand quickly.

The SLOW response from the government is to blame, but there’s no use now crying over spilled milk.

We should just brace ourselves, even if you’re not in Italy.
Do not succumb to the virus BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY to sadness and depression, and hard times.

THOSE are the real challenges.

Take care.

Now more than ever.

3 Useful Tips For Handling Business Calls & Meetings Anxiety While Stopping Overthinking.

Do you find yourself overly-anxious before talking to someone important for your success? Is your heart skipping beats while talking to that client, and feel like everything will go to ruin in an instant?

Do you stutter incredibly and seem like you can’t get your point across and you look like an anxious idiot who can’t even hold a conversation? I was in that place too, and still AM at times. Here are some things that might help YOU that seem to work for me.


You have to realize that prospects are HUMAN BEINGS just like you, and that’s going to lift a lot of pressure from your shoulders, trust me.

So, as human beings, they like to have fun and enjoy things that “vibe” with them.

Basically, don’t sound like a robot when talking to them. Don’t be so stiff!

See ’em like a friend you’re having a chat with – keep things lighthearted, friendly and HUMAN, without forgetting about the purpose of the call, helping them solve an issue.

Joke around a bit, connect with them – be professional & a pleasure to talk to.

They will be prone to likely work with a positive and cheerful person, who doesn’t want that?!
And that will result in an awesome business partnership.

Balance is the key.



This way you’ll be able to get a better grasp of their situation and you say overall less things that might ruin the call, and that equals to less anxiety!


Recognize that failing or not “closing” the client is OK.

Don’t think too much about it, use the failed interaction as a stepping stone to propel you forward.

See what you could have done better, what things that you could have phrased in a different way, ecc..

Put more emphasis on the important topics and implement all these adjustments in your next interaction.

Vengeance Is Not So Bad After All, Here’s Why!

As I’ve expressed online and in real-life multiple times, I don’t like the idea of letting one do harm to you while stepping on yourself like a CARPET.

And while I think that vengeance can break you if misused, it’s not inherently bad as some might think.


Yeah, I AM VENGEFUL. So what?

You think someone can’t be vengeful and kind at the same time? I’m not fond of the policy that the ones that have hurt you should go on about their life, like they haven’t done anything special.

It’s called “Respecting one’s self”

And for EVERYONE who thinks they’re so righteous and holy: You’re the most flawed of all.

YOU are doing yourself a disservice by letting others step on you like you’re NOTHING.

YOU are the kind of people that make me wanna slap my face (but i won’t don’t worry)

Casting vengeance upon puny assholes that have DARED scratch (because if you’re a G they won’t hurt you even if they tried) Your valuable and amazing life, SHOULD BE considered righteous instead.

And this is not about being “weak minded” or having personality issues, as someone would oh-so-LOVE to tell you.


5 Surprising Health Benefits of Whiskey

Now, i’m not a drunkard by any means-i actually DESPISE ALCOHOL with all my being-and you’d know that if you follow my blog, but… Whiskey it’s something i really appreciate and enjoy from time to time because not only it’s good for you (in moderation, mind you) it’s actually really enjoyable and it has a certain depth to it.

Very manly, if you ask me.

Here are some reasons you should enjoy the occasional glass of whiskey.

1)It’s good for your heart

According to various studies, a glass of whiskey a day helps that amazing muscle of yours filled with love (hopefully) Here’s the results of this particular research by the NCBI (Pubmed):


“Consumption of phenolic-containing alcoholic beverages transiently raises total phenol concentration and enhances the antioxidant capacity of plasma. This is compatible with suggestions that moderate alcohol usage and increased antioxidant intake decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.”

Simply put .. this research didn’t apply only to Whiskey, but to Wine as well- but what it’s saying is basically that moderate consumption helps the plasm portion of your blood to pack on more antioxidants, and as a byproduct results in a healthier heart health.

2)Reduces Stress

This is one of the reasons why whiskey drinkers are chill as duck.

Life and ugly situations can take a toll on you and your mind, body and spirit. And a glass of a nice strong whiskey it’s just what you need at times, since it really SOOTHES your nerves like few things in this world.

But remember, using alcohol as a way to cope with problems can lead to a dangerous road.

So i trust you to do it with responsibility. (I almost sound like an ad on alcoholism, but IT’S FOR YOUR GOOD, DUMMY)

3)Whiskey Helps With Fighting Cancer

This one comes as a news to me, but apparantely this research seems to confirm it. And while you of course shouldn’t use Whiskey as the only treatment, it’s some good news!

4)Helps With Weight Loss

If you didn’t know, Whiskey it’s low in calories, fats and sodium when compared to other alcoholic beverages like beer, for example.

And let’s not forget the FACT that whiskey tastes amazing when compared to beer. Sorry (not really), i’m biased.

And that’s great, because if you’re a Man you should avoid beer since not only it could make you develop the classic “beer gut” but it’s packed full of estrogens, the female hormone.

(And if you want to know more about hormones, check my article on Testosterone)

So if you’re in need of some alcoholic goodness, when you’re trying to lose weight, whiskey it’s perfect.

5)Boosts Your Immune System

Not only then Whiskey it’s great for weight loss, but its abundance of micronutrients such as vitamines and minerals, (mostly coming from the good fermented grains in it)

It contains ellagic acid as well, packed with vitamins that can aid your immune system fight off sicknesses.

Remember though, like all alcohol you shouldn’t indulge too much in Whiskey, keep this awesome beverage AMAZING by exerting common sense.

How To Deal With Failures And The Unexpected: Making The Most Out Of Success During Tough Times.

This is a more introspective post that hopefully can give you more insight on how to deal with failure and its consequential (awful) feelings- if you’re in that stage. Read on, discouraged bucko!

Now, i don’t want to make this look extreme, but…

I AM Failure incarnated.

And that’s a disclaimer on why YOU shouldn’t beat up yourself too much because of whatever happened to you.

And before i give you practical stuff on how to handle this gnawing and self-blaming feeling, let me show you why i say I AM FAILURE (By society’s standards, at least) so you know a little bit more about good ol’ mysterious me too.

  • Never finished school and was considered a black sheep by everyone (Yes even family) around me.
  • Countless jobs to which i applied to- shot me down.
  • When i saved up money to attend my dream academy, for my dream carreer (A game-development one) I was up to the task JUST BARELY, but i stopped because i felt i couldn’t keep up with the 2nd year. = Wasted (but not really) time, energy and money.

And i could list another 20 things plus more hard personal stuff i was going through. But i don’t want to make this post about ME.

But about YOU.
But first, how did i reacted to all of this?

Did i break down at some point? yes.
Did i cry? …probably. (keeping it vague for the sake of my manliness)
Did i ever feel like i was not enough? you bet.
Did i ever got help of any kind from anyone? hell fucking NO

But even in the hopeless state of mind in which i was (and believe me- times were really hopeless), my spark, in the end, never went out.

Because, at some point, my whole being came to a realization.

The failures i’ve experienced and i’m still experiencing DO NOT define me.

Instead, they polish me, they are a test from life to see if i’m FIT to reach my dreams. And that is TRUE FOR YOU, TOO.

Take this analogy as an example:

Do you know how a Blacksmith forges a Sword?

By POUNDING it, over and over again – to get rid of all impurities,
So that in the end the sword becomes sharp, and serves a Purpose.

It’s useless as a mere piece of Iron.

And That’s HOW it works when you’re trying to build yourself.

You NEED to be clobbered, in this case, by life.

Thorin knows, too.

And trust me,
I know.

The feelings that come after failing so many times are unbearable and can take a heavy toll on your mind, body and spirit.

You start questioning yourself, your abilities, your whole point when it comes to your existence.

Now, this might sound clichè- and i think it is- but it’s a very good way of seeing things:

Use your failures as stepping stones.

But careful, i’m not saying that failing it’s everything you should do, like failure, success is also a Teacher.

Although you can’t really control it, you should get your lessons from both your failures AND successes.

They both teach you something different.

When you fail,

reflect on your failures, don’t discount them.
I said reflect, not mourn over them.

Learn something from them, what is it that you could have done differently? Take notes. Be active. Re-build your strategy. Don’t feel defeated.

When you succeed,
Also take notes.
Why is it that i have succeded this time?
How can i replicate this, in an even better way next time?

Don’t be complacent when you do succeed.

ALWAYS do better. Both in defeat & victory.

But… what about regret, you say?

Regret shouldn’t really have a place in your heart. Because unlike failures, regret actually STOPS you in your tracks.

Failures make you evolve,
Regret makes you complacent, and devolve, even.

It’s the thing that WON’T let you move forward.
A useless feeling,
A trickster,
A plague,

Regret must be replaced with something that shines, something pure… like Resolve.

Its complete opposite.

As soon as possible.

Because regret only comes when you’ve accepted failures and defeat as your way of living.
That is why you have the DUTY to avoid going down to that path.

For that path is dark, muddy and filled with desperation and decay.

You owe it to your success, to your happiness, and ultimately- to your life.

If you’ve enjoyed this post and you have any questions i can answer, please like it and comment down below. I’d be happy to help to the best of my abilities.

You can even contact me on Twitter:

And as always,
Take care.

Character Is Forged In The Fire—How To Develop A Thicker Skin So You Can Advance In Life.

There’s an old saying that goes “Men are forged in fire”…

Actually, i don’t think there’s such a saying, but let’s pretend.

This does not applies only to men of course, but to people in general.

But why do i say this?

Well, look at today’s society: the breed of weak people and men it’s rampant within it.

People looking to avoid stress and enable comfort by ANY possible means : Fast food that gives ’em quick satisfaction bursts, along with social media that enables virtue signaling in a scary way… and there’s more!

Gotta love Shin Chan.

Men & Women are not looking to know each other “live” but instead resort to soulless apps like Tinder or other online dating apps,

Yet again looking for a quick alternative that doesn’t “endangers” them with the discomfort to actually APPROACH AND INITIATE A CONVERSATION with the other sex.

People no longer looking to build themselves from the ground-up with difficult tasks, instead, when showed signs of difficulty and danger they quit as quick as possible.

We’re scared.

And all of this is producing weak and soft people.

Weak and ineffective people, that fall prey to the useless and the unnecessary.

  • People who can’t interact with other people
  • People who can’t form meaningful relationships
  • Who cares only about appereance
  • Who despise and envy people who actually have VALUES & STANDARDS.

And we’ve forgotten that only by risking everything and facing adversity will greatness come.

Not by standing idle and hoping that at some point life will magically grant us everything WE DID NOT WORK AND BEEN THROUGH HELL FOR.

And if society keeps on going this direction, it will all just keep on becoming more numb.




And to restore balance to your life and the world you need to change that. Otherwise you’ll be set for a life of mediocre results and numbness.

So the answer is to put yourself in the fire, throw your ass into uncomfortable situations that WILL make you grow,

Little by little.

Approach that cute girl on the street,
Hate yourself and your situation,
Walk through the razors of life to get what you want,
STOP being so emotional and offended by everything.

Throw the things that DO NOT SERVE YOUR GROWTH AWAY.

And you can start putting yourself in the “Discomfort-zone” by changing your body for the better, IT WILL NOT BE EASY, BUT IT’LL BE WORTH IT.

You can get in the best shape of your life from the comfort of your home… With my simple and affordable guide? BULLSHIT!


My Amazing Guide

Blogging & Persistence : A Love Story From A Beginner’s POV

Hello there! I hope life is treating you well.

This is an appreciation post, so i can show people that being consistent can take you a long way- and you should really stop being lazy when trying to achieve stuff.

I’ve started blogging this summer, basically – and February was my most “successful” month yet! isn’t that amazing?

Views, interactions and visitors keep on going up.

And that shows that publishing EVERY week since then was of utmost importance.

Sure, my numbers are nothing special when compared to other’s bloggers, but i’m happy nonetheless.

Why? Because i’m seeing results.

Me being disciplined and CONSISTENT it’s paying off.

I understand that mine it’s a difficult niche to be in, since it’s not very “trendy” – so that’s the more reason to be happy with the results.

I’ve found amazing bloggers along the way that i feel i need to share here with you all – go follow them, they make GREAT content:

Pooja! :
V, The “other” me:
Christian, The blog master :

These are some of my inspirations when it comes to blogging.

Then again, if you follow me you might have noticed that i’m a very direct guy, maybe too direct, at times.

But that’s because that’s who i am AND with my mighty articles i WANT you to feel like how i feel when i talk about something.

The aim i had when creating this blog was to keep everything REAL.

So you can actually use and apply the things i preach about.
I don’t think that sugarcoated information would benefit anyone.

…I got off track right there.
Like i was saying:

Results didn’t come all at once. Visits and interactions started off as “little bricks” slowly piling up on each other.

BUT HEY, don’t get me wrong, i still get a dozen of views a day – like i said, my numbers are nothing special, but are special to me.

Because it means that there’s people who are interested in this kind of content, even if they’re not too many.

I’m not an expert at blogging by any means, but i feel that if you’re having people who vibe and resonate with the content you put out…

That sounds like a very good starting point to me.

But don’t get me wrong, my first goal is to get MINIMUM 1 MILLION VIEWS A MONTH.


And you shouldn’t give up too, even if your goals aren’t as ambitious as mine.

Now, i have a lot in the oven cooking- and lately i’m not feeling 101% satisfied about the quality of the articles i’m producing, i KNOW i can do better.

Stay tuned because i’ve got really amazing stuff FOR YOU coming YOUR WAY.

Keep working hard and results WILL come.

And as always,

Take care.

How To Break Out From The Lie That Is Your Life.

The commonplace advice i see thrown around the most it’s “Just be yourself” and this is overall an AWFUL advice to give.

Because “being yourself” it’s something that should come naturally, it’s something that should not be used as a guideline on how to live life.

That’s a dangerous advice to give.


Because LIFE doesn’t really care if you’re being yourself or not, the amount of crap it’s going to throw at you remains the same.

Instead of listening to idiots who give boilerplate advice that will be harmful for you life, you should instill, instead – timeless practices into your life.

Things that are proven to WORK–that actually bring some positive changes into your life.

That’s where values, for example, come in : Family, Honor, Self-Respect & Strength -are things that will only shower you with positive stuff in life.

Because the nature of these values are positive-so it’s obvious that is exactly what they’ll give back.

But the real problem is that people nowadays lack objective, effective ways to navigate life with.

It’s all becoming SO emotional, it’s making me cringe.
And YOU probably will melt too, to the slightest hint of tension like a freaking piece of chocolate, UGH.

Society will uselessly cheer you up with positive nonsense, meant to keep you stuck in your emotions and to distract you from the FLAWS you have within yourself.


Sorry to break it to ya.


Emotions in life are just the icing on the cake- they’re not how reality it’s lived.

If you’d like me to REALLY expand on this topic, or there’s something you’d like me to talk about, leave some comments down here.

Take care.

The Ultimate Way On How To Finally Break Your Limits Forever.

This is something very few can and will achieve, and this method might not be the “healthiest” around.

But it’s indeed the most effective when trying to achieve big things.

What i’m talking about is… acceptance,

Acceptance of Death.


Hear me out.
Think about this – when you suddenly don’t care for your life (careful here, what i mean it’s the way of thinking that you’re so obsessed with achieving something that you really don’t care what you have to trade in order to achieve it – nothing harmful or stupid – be smart.)

You’ve left behind an enormous pairs of shackles that held you back.

You suddenly can go ALL IN without having to care the slightest of about 90% of things that have little importance in life.

You can even call this “desperation” but i think this is a different thing.

Because in this case you’re putting yourself in a corner, you burn any bridge you might have and let yourself with NO CHANCE of retreating,

In order to achieve your coveted goal.

But this… this doesn’t happen to everyone, and it’s a very lifechanging moment to an individual.

And i personally can’t tell you when and how to achieve this,
Since it’s extremely personal.

Just be aware it’s there.

How To Keep Your Cool In Stressful Situations

Keeping your cool could make the difference in handling whatever the situation might ask of you in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Yet people don’t even make the effort to try and maintain their temper. But what can you do to improve this aspect of your personality?

While there isn’t a “quick fix” but it’s instead a series of deep underlying problems that an individual might have developed through life… i can surely give you a few little pointers that might make a difference.

Let’s start!

See problems as something to solve.

Not as something that needs your emotional investment in. Exactly, you got it, taking emotions out of the equation will certainly make solving your problems a easier task.


Simple as that. Take deep breaths, as humans – that’s our personal way of blowing-literally, steam off. (aka negative energies) we’re like a locomotive.
Breathing will calm you almost instantly and will give you a clear mind. Couple this with daily meditation, and you’re gold.

Watch the situation from “up-high”

I usually use this method, i imagine myself being at the top of a super huge mountain, while looking down to the problems at hand.

In this way you can easily give your problems the right proportion, and you’ll see that it’s not something you should really worry about.

It also helps me understand better the situation i’m facing, since i can give the me “down there” effective advices on how to tackle it, in a calm and collected way.

The Worst Enemy For Your Success- The Ugly Truth: Yourself.

While i’ve argued countless times on how the people around you and your situation could be detrimental to your success, today i need to put emphasis on this topic.

Whatever you have coming your way, it’s a result of your (bad) decisions – so, ultimately, a crystallization of what YOU HAVE DONE.

If you don’t yet have the life you desire it’s because of YOU and YOURSELF ONLY.

YOU are holding yourself back.
YOU are not growing.
YOU are still thinking in such an ancient, outdated and even childish way.
YOU are acting in an ineffective way.

If by any chance you still are having problems understand.

Think about this: history has been made because of decisions taken by single individuals, that later on became collective efforts.


This can tell you a lot, if you’re willing to accept the truth.

So, success doesn’t come to the person who’s not willing to change, on a constant basis. Because success it’s a sweet gift given only to those willing to go through endless hardships – and life knows that.

It will only make this gift to the worthy.

Better Be Safe Than Sorry: Useful (Manly) Skills To Have In An Emergency.

In hard situations you’ll need someone around that know what he is doing.

Or better yet, if that’s not the case- you’ll need to be the one that knows what’s he’s doing – here’s a little list of useful skills to develop that could save your life.

  • CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) – This could literally save someone’s life – and it’s a skill that, in my opinion- everybody should take the time to take a course and learn, along with First Aid.
  • Keeping your cool – This is a “less practical” skill, but that could save your life as well. Being calm in sticky and stressful situations it’s a MUST and could completely change the outcome of whatever you’re facing.
  • Cooking – Learn to cook for yourself and your loved ones a nice and hearty meal. Learning about the different methods of cooking (so your food retains the most nutrients) and the incredible properties of spices and of each singular ingredient can boost your immune response and provide you with a healthier stronger body – leading to face whatever emergency better.
  • Prevent someone from choking – The Heimlich manoeuvre it’s another life-saving skill to develop.

    It’s a “a first-aid procedure for dislodging an obstruction from a person’s windpipe in which a sudden strong pressure is applied on their abdomen, between the navel and the ribcage.” (From
  • Having the strength to move heavy stuffAs a Man, being strong it’s a prerequisite, a thing you can’t overlook.

    How do you expect to carry the injured, the sick, move a heavy object out of the way or help someone in need otherwise?

    Developing real-world, applicable strength could make an incredible difference.

Super Natural Pre-Workouts Foods To Quickly Fuel Your Body With Goodness.

If you’re one of those people who thinks that you NEED those artificial, super-expensive supplements, or you’d like to switch to natural stuff, i got you covered.

But first,
WHY should you avoid taking artificial supplements? I mean, it’s the craze of the moment, right?

Let me ask you this instead:

Why would you rather opt for an artificial, doubtful blend of chemical trash that could bring you harm? (And let’s not mention the ABNORMAL amounts of caffeine inside them)

Especially when nature can provide you with great natural foods that give you energy alternatives for your workouts?

My personal favorites :

Coffee – Perfect BEFORE your workouts, for a quick burst of energy, and if taken prior to your workout, it even helps you burn more kcals during it. (I’m talking about your espresso\black coffee – without any stuff in it.)

The BLACK one.

Green Tea – This goodness brings you energy slower than coffee (so you need time before it acts) BUT the difference is that it provides you with consistent and sustainable energy during your workouts, while coffee blasts you with a boost, with the risk of making you feel a crash.

Also, drinking green tea normally boosts your metabolism – imagine what happens if you take it before working out…yup! even more calories gone.

Pick what you need!

This one has a bit of cocoa powder in it, as you can see.

Banana & Oats– Both SO Underrated, they can work amazingly on their own, but when paired together they provide you with a long lasting amount of energy (Because of the abundance of carbohydrates!) , great for those longer workouts!

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others: Your Fitness Journey Isn’t Supposed To Be Easy And Linear.

This applies to life in general, as well!

You’re not supposed to sail a sea that’s always smooth and serene, you can get caught in whirlpools or damn, even sink!

That’s why when you first embark on your fitness journey the first skill you need to develop is patience.

Along with not being obsessed by the scale, hell- the scale should be YOUR LAST CONCERN! It’s not a reflection of your progress.

It happens to miss one or two workouts,
It happens to indulge in that heavenly doughnuts from time to time,
It happens not having energy to move.


You have to understand that it’s all a process, and the important part is that you always get back on the horse, even when you fall.

It’s simple, really:
If you miss a workout, don’t make it two!
If you have a cheat meal, DON’T make it two!

Consistency is the name of the game.
The more you’re consistent with your efforts, the more results you are going to see.

And i understand that for someone who’s just starting this might be difficult, i was there too.

We all don’t know what we’re doing, especially at the beginning. That’s why i wrote a simple guide that will help you get in shape.

No useless information,
Straight to the point, it has EVERYTHING you need to know.

If you’re willing to invest a few bucks in making the process of getting your dream body easier, i’m willing to give you – as one of my readers – 20% OFF.

It’s the best investment you’ll ever make for yourself.
You won’t need those useless fitness apps subscription.

I think you can spend 20$ For your health, if not, you’re a fool, and you deserve to be unhappy and fat.

ONLY for the next 10 orders though, so be quick:
The Ultimate Guide on Fitness For Everyone

Are You Ashamed To Be A Man? Consider Owning It Instead.

Society’s warped ideas don’t apply to you.

Their distortion of what a man should be makes you sick and makes you wonder where we’re coming to.

And that’s understandable.

The reason of this is because you still have values and standards, something they don’t have.

You realize that being a Man it’s not easy, it’s not something you can really explain, is it?

After all, we don’t have it easy since the day we’re born.

And that’s how it should be.
Embrace the pain, the discomfort, for that is how we thrive.

A man doesn’t look for attention,
Nor recognition.

A man is a silent mountain that carries the ones he loves,
Weathers the cutting gales,
While doing what’s right and just
Stands up with pride.

How A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Open The Door To Outstanding Success.

Most people forget that before you are given ANYTHING in life, be it money, peace of mind, love, attention ecc…

You have to give first.

There’s no such thing at something for nothing.

Some examples:
Before you can have money you have to provide value.
Before to be loved, you have to love.
Before to be understood, you have to understand.
Before you take, you must give.

In the end it all boils down to be… selfless,

Doing things for an higher good, just to shed light on people’s lives. Without agendas, without any scruples.

And that is difficult.

That’s why you see a lot of people NOT getting what they want, because they can’t even do this.

How are you supposed to be given anything with such a selfish mindset?

That’s when & how the universe WILL recognize that you’re “worthy” of things such as success and positivity – and it will be sending this good your way.


When you have given, first.

5 Powerful Ways To Skyrocket Your Testosterone Levels Naturally.

If you didn’t know by now – Testosterone is THE MOST important hormone for Men.

It defines who we are and it regulates a lot of functions within our body and it’s basically a “Masculinity bar” 😀 SO,
We can safely say that the more you have, the better you feel!

Here’s 5 effective ways that can help you boost that hormonal goodness right away:


Research has shown that the highest levels of testosterone happen during REM sleep, the deep, restorative sleep that occurs mostly late in the nightly sleep cycle.

Your sleep needs to be DEEP and “restorative” set strict rules in place in order to do so, ditch your blue light-emitting screens (Smartphone, PC, TV ecc..) AT LEAST 2 hours before bed, stick to the same bed-time in order to not mess up your circadian cycle and sleep in complete darkness.

Not doing all that can easily disrupt your ability to make testosterone while sleeping.


Lifting weights or doing other strength-training workouts it’s confirmed to have a big effect on increasing your testosterone, you can look it up for more details!They’ve done yet another researches on this topic.


For starters, it’s not good for your overall health, and that should be enough reason for you to stop.

Then it has been proved that consuming sugar has a detrimental effect on your T-levels.


Another thing that is BAD for your body.

Alcohol in general it’s a no-no,
But should put the focus on avoiding beer, the most. Why you ask? it’s packed full of estrogens, THE female hormone.

And that doesn’t help when trying to amp up your T!


Now, this might be weird for you especially if you’re new to the topic but …

A small 2001 study found elevated testosterone levels in participants who abstained from masturbation for three weeks.

So that’s that.
Avoid spilling your “essence” you know? doesn’t hurt to try in my opinion.

(if you want to know more about this topic i’ve briefly introduced it here )

Take care.

The Only Thing That Matters When It Comes To Success

What is it, you ask? read on.

You can make all the money you want, if you have the necessary skillset.
Dammit, you can make ANYTHING when it comes to material resources.


That’s the only thing that doesn’t come back and that YOU SHOULD VALUE.

Everyone who aims to make more money in life doesn’t do it so he can have more money, right?

It’s because he\she wants more time.
To concentrate on the things that matters the most.


How are YOU using your time? are you wasting it by playing videogames, watching TV Or by not building something great, or procrastinating?


Don’t You Lose Your Spark, And Your Will To Live.

This is a shorter, yet “more inspired” heartfelt, post.

This post is for everyone who is currently facing despair in their life.

Whether that might be for money, health, or hardships in general.
You need to understand that you’re a result of millions of years of evolution.

You’re THE HOPE of your ancestors, even if that might not be of much importance in today’s society.

Understand that you either face and overcome life’s adversities or you die because of them.
Become the pillar of light that brings certainty into your loved ones life.

Even if you are dying inside. Even if you’re breaking down. Even if everything seems hopeless.


Don’t give in.

Shine the most amazing qualities a human being can have,
It will EVENTUALLY outweigh the bad.

The Useful Art Of Making Effective Plans, And How It Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Thinking, Organization, Ability to “foresee” the future.
These are all needed and useful things you should take in consideration when making a plan.

But becoming a careful planner can serve you in multiple ways.

Let me give you some pointers on HOW to formulate a good plan.

Before we begin though, we need to dispel a Myth.
And that is that planning it’s something accessible only to geniuses or high-IQ freaks – It’s not.

Even your average Joe it’s capable of mindblowing feats, if he only sets his mind to it.

So, what do you need to be able to make a good, effective Plan?


I’ve just came up with this term – cool right? Purposeful Thinking it’s divided in two areas : Brainstorming & Analyzing.

Brainstorming it’s pretty self-explanatory,
Either with others or yourself is the discussion to produce new ideas or solve problems.

Analyzing includes : The Pros & Cons of that specific thought\idea, the efficiency of it. (Is it doable? does it costs me much resources, aka time, money, endeavor – what do i gain or lose from it, how can you tackle potential problems? ecc…)

Ask yourself this:


And write ’em down. IT’S CRUCIAL.

The Alignment with your goals: Is it something that naturally flows for you and the place you want to reach? this may be a little vague but hear me out,

It’s those little things and details that make you say: “That’s exactly how i imagined for it to go” basically, the compatibility with YOUR SITUATION In relation to your Goal.


While it’s COMPLETELY POSSIBLE to achieve things on your own,

ESPECIALLY For bigger goals, having a group of carefully selected people, it’s advised.

These people MUST :

  • Be Trustworthy individuals (You don’t want snitches, backstabbers or people who lack values or morals)
  • Be specialized in something. (Variety makes good teams – You need unique individuals that bring in some VALUE that’ll help long-term.)
  • Not be fazed by hardships and challenges – aka they need to be tough.
  • NOT be toxic\negative people (they complain, bring others down, they see problems and not solutions, ecc..)


Too much thinking can be good or bad.

Thinking needs to be coupled with Action,
You can’t think of things and expect to manifest themselves, period 😀

You need to put in act all that careful thinking – hard work, perseverance, MOMENTUM & SPEED.

Once your plan is formulated it’s time to execute the “steps” that i previously mentioned – in coordination with your team, or alone.

Having a map that tells you where to go is great, but if you do not actually walk it’s useless right?

So do whatever you need to do to reach the next step, you should have already in mind the sequence of actions you’ll take, some examples\ideas you could use:

  • Make powerful connections.
  • Do paperwork/grinding stuff (contacting clients, putting in “the work” needeed for a specific business or whatever)
  • Gain Useful Assets.
  • Gain support from people.
  • Invest money in high ROI stuff (Return on investment) so things that benefit you long-term ecc…

Tell me what you think about this article in the comment, and IF it has helped you!

Take care.

**cover photo by Gordy69 on DeviantArt**

Procrastination It’s Killing Your Efforts.

You may not even realize it, BUT

It’s SO easy to lose a few days of work (If not more) thanks to procrastination.

Again, You won’t even realize it.

This shit it’s dangerous. Lock it down with POWERFUL habits and Discipline.

Otherwise it will slowly leech off you and your success.

And procrastination starts with laziness, and not sticking to your commitments. Do you REALLY want to go down that route?

Now you know what to do, don’t find excuses.

Why You Should Be Accountable With Yourself.

Accountability, this strange and feared word has been giving nightmares to people all around the world.

But in reality, you should really stop with the unfounded fear.

Being accountable with yourself, others and what you do is actually a superpower, and a rare one at that, nowadays.

See, taking responsibility for something it’s not only a MARK of a trustworthy and respectable individual,
But it should be also your personal way of saying “i can handle this”.

It’s a thing that can enable you to set some standards and pillars for yourself and your life, something you can rely on when everything else seem to fail.

It’s a feeling that overwhelms you and speaks to your inner self and says :

“I can trust myself, i know that whatever trouble might come my way, i’ll deal with it – because i’m ME!”

That’s at least how i see it.

Feedback Is Always Appreciated!

Hello there Followers! 😀

This is more of an “engaging” post (even though i’d love you engage in normal posts as well lol)

Quick question:
Why are you following me?
Do you EVEN like my usual posts?



What would you like me to talk about that might interest you? (in my area of “expertise” i mean- so : Fitness, Dating\Relationships, Success, Business, Masculinity ecc..)

I would really appreciate some feedback as it will help me delivering you even better content to help you, and interest you.


The Best First Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day (Or Every Other Day)

In This Digital Age all you ever think about is “Netflix & Chill”? or “Eating out” at a restaurant? Yeah throw those things in the trash and read what i’m about to tell you, you will thank me.

The things i’ve listed above are NOT REALLY exciting (except for when you jump into the…”action”) How are you supposed to know the whole essence of a person doing such boring and restrictive things? You’re lucky ’cause i got your back, bucko.

Here’s The Best First Date Ideas:

1)A Good ‘Ol Fashioned PicnicWith a Twist.

Exactly, you can NEVER go wrong with this (if there’s good weather at least) and if you and your partner are feeling a bit adventurous you can give it a twist – by choosing a mountain\hill as the place to go to.

Parks are ok but are boring and not always clean.

Would you rather look at others or at a breathtaking view in silence?

COME ON! Also, make sure to prepare some unexpected (but doable) food that she\he wouldn’t never expect to find at a picnic.

Have fun with it.

2)Fairs, Fairs, Fairs!

Be on the lookout for some interesting local fairs you can spend a few hours in.

They’re usually packed of things you can never imagine! and that could bring up some nice conversation topics.

You could discover exciting things about each other that might surprise you.

And there’s always cotton candy, or some kind of piping hot beverage to slurp, so it’s all set!

3)Martial Arts!?

As you may or may not know, i’m a sucker for Martial arts.

And i think that taking a class as a first date together can be awesome. You get to see each other’s fuck-ups (and that makes good memories and laughing moments).

You can use your “better” understanding of some forms so you can correct the other party – and you don’t need me to tell you that this is an excuse to make contact, build tension between you. 😉

And at the same time you both learn about a different culture, BOOM.

4)Cook At Home Date

It involves FOOD, it’s more fun than your simple and bland eating out.

Cooperation, you both decide what you cook & eat.
It’s an awesome bonding experience that can be re-used countless times even when in you’re a relationship.

You can divide the roles, so that someone prepares one thing while the other one prepares another.

Fun, Affordable, Easy AND Effective.
(And hopefully yummy!)


Listen, Karaoke is THE Icebreaker.

It’s so fun, and you can either go to a place or DIY at home. Another EASY and CHEAP option.
Singing is also incredibly bonding.

I was afraid of Karaoke, at first – but it’s a great way to express yourself and to let go, plus – you really will know each other’s soul (though i understand it may sound a bit cheesy) by doing so.

Trust me, singing with someone it’s a thousand times better than singing alone.

Let me know if you’re going to try one of these in the coming days!

Take care.

The Ugly Reality Of Success No One Will Tell You.

I will be BLUNT and REAL with You.

And for some this even might seem ugly. But when you try to succeed there is one immutable truth,

And the truth is that…

It’s Lonely.

When you’re working nonstop those sleepless nights.

It’s Lonely.

When nobody understands what you’re doing and why.

It’s Lonely.

When the overwhelming stress and tears WILL eventually bring you down,

And nobody is there because they can’t be there since they don’t know what it means to you.

It’s Lonely.

When you can’t pay the bills, and it seems like the world is against you and the only thing you get are people who criticize you.

It’s Lonely,

When it seems like everything it’s still the same, and no progress it’s seemly there.

It’s Lonely,

At the top.

These 2 Overlooked Things Are Stopping You From Reaching Your True Potential, HURRY Before It’s Too Late.


Your self-limiting beliefs that you have carried throughout all your life.

You need to break off those shackles, thoughts like: “I can’t do this”, “That’s just how life is”, “Others have it better”, “Oh, they were just lucky, i have bad luck” NEED TO GO.



Your Past.

Whatever might have happened, realize that YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY YOUR PAST EXPERIENCES.

You can change.
You can bury the past.
You can build a better future.

Remember that as humans we need to keep changing, be adaptable – without letting life weigh on us.

Is Walking Effective When Trying To Lose Fat? How To Use It & Why You’re Missing Out

Walking it’s the first “complex” movement that we engage in since birth – did you know you can benefit from it even in your adult life?

Walking it’s the simplest movement as a human you could do,
And you don’t have excuses to push in some walking time under the sun in your day, another reason to get some of that good Vitamin D (or in the rain, it boosts your immune system!).

30 minutes it’s the minimum – but you could do with even less, or more!

And it’s great to cut off a few calories, because it’s something ANYONE can do!

You can even modify it to make it more effective, by brisk-walking, or by contracting your abs and it turns into a sort of low-impact cardio, and that means EVEN MORE Kcal’s gone!

Isn’t that amazing?

Think walking as a tool to complement your workout routines, or why not, even as something you can start with, if you’re new to fitness.

If you implement it in your daily activities, your overall physical performance will improve over time – and you will notice the compounding effects of it pretty soon – both in how you look and feel!


Want to know the other countless benefits that walking can provide you with?

Let me know, and i’ll give you my personal tips & tweaks for walking more efficiently and to make it more fun! 😀

AND if you’ve been struggling to lose fat and\or build muscle

My Guide has ALL you need to set you on the right path.

You’ll NEVER find a more complete guide to start your fitness journey with. Plus, you’ll get ALL the updates to it FOR FREE.

What are you waiting for?


My Awesome Guide

3 Manly Things You Can Do To Feel Amazing AND More Masculine Right Away.

Sometimes, as Men, we feel the urge to dip and engage into old-fashioned masculine “rituals” that can renew our spark-so to say- and can let us feel all those good emotions, and why not, at the same time, to build and strengthen the bonds with our male brothers. Or hell! even just experience some wholesome masculine activities.

Here I list a few things you should DEFINITELY try when you want to express yourself as a MAN and\or relax.


Spending some time alone in nature can really help you relax and recollect your thoughts – you can walk and literally “lose yourself” (which is a very manly thing to do) without really losing yourself though, and why not – you could even get a fire going and cook some crunchy bacon on it or a steak, topping it all with some nice black coffee!

Nature it’s always the way to go when you’re in need to reconnect with your manly side. After all, that’s where we came from!


Men ARE builders, creators.
So it makes sense that we feel connected the most when bringing something into existence,

It can be anything, really:

  • Craft a Hut\ something where you can store all of your tools.
  • Make some furniture for your home.
  • Write a Poem or a Novel.
  • Make a Videogame!
  • Paint something.

The possibilities are ENDLESS. In short, be creative!



Caring and looking out for the people who matters most in your life it’s one of the most manliest thing you could do.

Spend some time with your Parents, take them out to a fair and have fun eating all kinds of food!

Play with your kids!

Reach out to your friends and do something together, or just check on them!

Have fun\tease your Wife\GF into something “spicy” ;D

Build anticipation with her at the start of the day, give her some intense and sexy looks without giving out your intentions.

Lead Her into bold and new things – she’ll love you taking the lead.

And sprinkle it with a little of romance on top.



Take care!

Everything Wrong With Your Excuses.

Shifting the blame. “It’s not my fault” – putting blocks in everything YOU THINK you should do, but won’t.

Thing is, you can’t go through life hoping someone will fix everything wrong with you.

They don’t give a s**t.

And if YOU don’t care enough about yourself what makes you think that others will?

Taking responsability for one’s situation it’s the FIRST STEP towards changing that situation.

What’s wrong with most of you it’s that you have an adult’s body but you act like a child.

Shifting blame for your situation.

STRENGTH brings positive changes – develop it, otherwise your life can’t change.

An Underlooked Thing That Separates Winners From Losers- The RAW Truth.

There is NOT a foolproof recipe that can pinpoint you the EXACT thing you’re doing wrong, but I’ve found out a …thing-a trait -if you may, that it’s common between successful individuals.

And that is…


AND, More importantly, how do you react in those challenging and nerve-wrecking situations, so yeah – the magic word here is Resilience.

95% Of people can’t handle all the responsabilities & consequences that comes from chasing a difficult thing, whether that’s pain, unforseen and unpleseant events.

Because they break under the pressure.

And i’m sorry to break it to you but not everyone can be a winner.

YOU Just like the Idea.

So know you know what to change, and what to expect if you’re prepared to be one.

Take care.

Can You Get Your Dream Body Fast? Find It Out


It depends.
On what? Simple – what kind of dream body do you have in mind: The Super-Ripped, with major and even minor muscles popping up and an abnormal low level of body fat, one resembling of a greek god?



A slim and toned figure with little fat who’s healthy and on the right road towards more progress? AGAIN- It depends.

Both are attainable of course, and while one it’s easier to achieve than the other, in the end it all boils down to your own efforts.

The discipline and the consistency you put in your eating and training makes a HUGE difference in the final results.

Basically, if you want it bad enough you can achieve it – but don’t go believe everyone that sells you a “quick fix” because that’s just not how it works when it comes to building your body,

They just want to rip you off.

Instead, if you’re looking for a guide that gives you everything you need to start to get in shape while hammering away bad habits & that provides you with the tools needed to change your body for the better –

My guide is 20% OFF For the next 20 orders.

But don’t think that’ll magically give you your dream body. I give you the strategy, following through with it it’s up to YOU.



So i’ve recently injured myself while working out, and as you may or may not know i’m on a quest to find and develop everlasting TRUE STRENGTH. And this has never happened, not even once throughout all these years but i think this is a needed setback that’ll help me in this journey.

And what i want you to take back from this is to not remain stuck in the pit.

You see, challenges and hardships are meant to be faced and then learn something from them- that’s why life showers you with these. And call me crazy but…the more challenges\hardships you get, the more aspects of your life are in dire need of improvement.

That’s just life’s way to tell you where and what to focus.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to feel sad and overwhelmed- i know i was, when i couldn’t train and this whole matter kept hindering my progress.

And this applies to every aspect of life when you feel defeated and broken.

Feel the pain, grieve, but NEVER GIVE IN.

Because mustering the strength and the courage to be true to your life, your aspirations and goals it’s a skill you need to develop, especially when going through mud.

One of the “tricks” i use to be able to adapt to sudden rush of stress and tension is to willingly put myself in stressful and hard situations. And while that might be common knowledge, it does wonders.

And the reason is simple:
Your body becomes familiar with those uncomfortable feelings over time, so that the next time you find yourself in those kind of situations it knows how to act accordingly and appropriately.

Iron is forged through fire, after all.

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