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We all know that having a negative attitude only leads to disappointment and frustration, yet a lot of people easily fall prey to it. Why is that? it’s because you have no choice but to do so? it is because it’s impossible to be positive? NAH.

You simply don’t want to.

The reason?
Because it’s easy to blame others, but hard to blame yourself.

You don’t want to feel insecure or that you can’t accomplish something because of some flaws you might have. You don’t want to deal with the negative emotions that will come after you realize that in reality, it is your fault.
Think about it like this though:
If it’s your fault… you can solve it.
Exactly. You can’t control what others will do to you, but you can control your actions.

If you can’t lift 100kg while doing a bench press, is it the weight’s fault? sounds stupid right?
It’s just because you’re not strong YET to do so.

And this applies in the emotional sphere too! if someone insulted you and you’d feel personally attacked and become angry, this means that you are not in control of your emotions, you let others control you. So you can see how this mindset it’s not very useful when it comes to achieving any kind of goal, because in one way or another in life you will ALWAYS encounter negativity paired with challenges.

Once you recognize your faults and flaws and you concentrate on the positive and the things YOU CAN CONTROL like your feelings, Only then you will be able to see – pinpoint – and smooth or gain whatever thing you’re lacking right now.

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