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The Ugly Truth About Change Nobody is Telling You.


It’s the only thing keeping you away from what truly resonates in life for you.

But in order for you to undergo any kind of change, you must sacrifice something. For someone this must mean distantiating itself from people he\she no longer needs in his life, to break some bad habits or whatever. And that may mean keeping your distance from loved ones as well: your family, friends…and yes, i do realize it sounds cruel-i mean- these people have been a big part in your life, why would you ditch them now? well i didn’t necessarily mean that you have to COMPLETELY stop frequenting them. You just have to cut off the toxic mindsets that you may have inherited from them through the years. Maybe not with your parents, but those friendships that are not getting you anywhere in life needs to go. And you will realize it too, sooner or later, because you will find that you can no longer “vibe” with those people. And not necessarily because they’re bad people but…because you are changing, your priorities are shifting and no longer align with your friend’s.

I’ve been there.
It’s not an enjoyable thing to go through of course, but it’s NECESSARY.

So you can form new and worthwhile bonds that are aligning with what you’re becoming. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a dick and tell people to fuck off almost as like they’re just tools, it just means that you are switching the “pool you’re swimming into”.

By doing so, and cutting off unnecessary and bad\toxic bonds and instead connecting with like-minded people you will find yourself grow faster, feel better and proceeding at a higher speed towards your goals.

And more importantly, the feeling that you’re just “putting on a mask” while with those people will fade away because you’ve stopped adapting to their thinking\personalities.

What’s the most difficult change you’re trying to undergo right now? Tell me in the comments.

Take care,


2 comments on “The Ugly Truth About Change Nobody is Telling You.

  1. I’ve never been good at handling change but over the last few years I’ve realised just how necessary it is because otherwise you’re just stuck in your comfort zone for eternity.

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