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Stop Being Fat and Miserable, Take Control Before it’s too Late.

Stop feeling pity for yourself. I’ve been there. I was overweight, constantly whipping myself on how miserable and depressed i was. And guess what, that DIDN’T help in any way, shape or form.

The only thing that seemed to work was to stop feeling for poor little me. Then, gradually, a change started to happen into my head.

What i want you to do is to acknowledge your faults. You’re fat and ugly? Ok – stop “feeling” and shift into the objective vision of how things are. Detach from your emotions, being a miserable, fat and emotional guy\girl won’t cut it. First and foremost take emotions out of the equation, no question asked and without any kind of doubt.

Because emotions are NOT NEEDED when you’re in a bad position and you’re trying to change for good whether it’s your scale that you’re trying to cut or some bad emotional pattern. Take control, the good thing is that you can physically control of your actions and behaviour unless you have some kind of condition, so FEEL lucky to be able to do that (gratitude, amirite?). There’s someone out there who doesn’t have this luxury, and one of the most beautiful qualities about humans is that we have the ability to change and re-invent ourselves, we’re builders! and that it’s true even when it comes to build ourselves as individuals. Of course, what kind of control do you expect to have if you can’t even stop yourself from stuffing your mouth with food that’s bad for you? start from there.

Holidays are now over. Feeling guilty because you stuffed your face and had a good time?

It’s okay as long as you get back on track with your workouts\eating. And if you have no idea on how to do so, My Guide on Fitness, packed with all kind of informations (meal plans, tips & tricks, workout plans and more) can help you if you’re just starting out – and i know that the price is incredibly low for the value i’m providing. That’s because I WANT TO HELP YOU to get in the best shape ever, but the question is: Are you willing to help yourself?

Because in the end the change has to start from YOU. I can arm you with the tools and knowledge, but if you don’t have the WILL to change, then you’re hopeless. Sorry, but i’m being real.

So, again.

Being fat and unhappy with how you look and feel it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Staying that way is though.

You’re not supposed to go through life fat and soft – life it’s going to hit you sooner or later: whether it’s going to be the death of a loved one, an ugly sickness befalling on you or on someone you know, you losing your job, being homeless ecc… you have to be prepared when sh*t hits the fan, you OWE it to yourself to be in the best shape possible so you can take and possibly return the blows better.

Physical prowess it’s not just about how you look, that’s just a cute byproduct, the real gain is strength and the ability of being physically able – so that when you’re old you can still play with your children\grandchildren because you didn’t slack off earlier in life, while others will feel all kinds of aches until they die a miserable death.

You don’t want to be the latter.

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