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Being Emotional is Hindering Your Success.

And the reason it’s simple.

Because it clouds your judgement. And a clouded judgement means taking bad decisions. And i reckon you don’t need me to tell you what bad decisions lead to.

Exactly, NOT success, that’s for sure.

See- we’re human beings, emotional beings, so why shouldn’t we let our emotions run wildly and freely, you say?

i’ll give you a stupid example, do this right now. (or don’t) go to your girlfriend\boyfriend or whatever, and remind them of a bad thing they did to you, even a little one. You’ll probably end up in an argument at this point (thanks, V!) and eventually that will lead to emotional responses from you or the other party-or both. There you go, a recipe for a ruined evening, alas- a bad decision that was taken because of your loss of control over your emotions, because you really needed to prove your point over that bad thing she\he did to you.

Now, that experiment was of course a bit exaggerated but i think you get the gist of what i’m saying and what i’m trying to prove to you.

An instant of emotional reaction, can end up breaking years of hard work…just because emotions had a say in your decision.

That’s why when you’re taking important steps, in life or in business- you need to take out emotions from the basket of your eggs. How can you expect to have the ability to entertain a sound, objective view on things otherwise? you will make a TON of bad decisions like this! emotions are rampant, they fly all around – why would you want to lead your decisions with something so …volatile?

Emotions should be used to accompany an important decision, they don’t have to be the core of it. Let the core be logic, objectivity, soundness, effectiveness. THEN, you sprinkle on them the emotions needed.

Say you and your friend are having a very angry argument and you’ve let rage say some bad things that, of course, you didn’t mean. Puff. That friendship might be gone forever. And for what? for you not being able to get a hold over your rage, cool off, walk away and then re-tackle that argument in a smarter and collected manner.

THINK – not feel, before you do. Feelings might step in when the thinking has already set everything up.

Be wise and control your feelings, not the other way around.

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