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A Very Proper Introduction.

You know what time it is. Yeah it’s like some formal thing YOU HAVE to do at some point, so i’m doing this now that my following isn’t big. (Yeah, because it will be huge at some point).

And as you might have get, i’m a pretty modest guy, i admit.
But hey, come on, that was a joke 😀

…or was it?

I’m not really used to talk in a very “personal” way, i try to be detached most of the times so i can give you- in my opinion- the most objective and foolproof ways to actually think about life and handle it.

This is me, V – nice to make your acquaintance.

Yup, that person right there wanted to start this blog as a way to …blog? and condense his experiences and thoughts on certain things, Success & Masculinity first and foremost – so they can be somewhat of use to you. Because i know I needed someone to point me in the right direction at some point in life, and i feel somebody like past-me would have certainly taken benefit from it.

That person is also Italian, so you might find his english NOT THE BEST and you have to deal with it. It’s very rough and formless….you know, just to be artistic.

I’m into Healthy living\fitness.
Martial arts,
Business & Money Making ,
Videogames, yup.

NO. I’m not going to put fu**ing Travel because EVERYONE LOVES TO TRAVEL. IT’S NOT AN INTEREST.

And, being from Calabria – i love my spicy food. (That’s a region from south-Italy, y’all!)

I don’t really am a person that talks much about himself, so consider this kind of thing as a rarity, or whatever. Not that i have any reason not to, i’m great.


The plan i have for this blog doesn’t fall too much into the personal area, as i already mentioned. but i don’t know- if you like this kind of stuff maybe i could make an exception from time to time.

What about YOU though? i’ve seen a spike in my follower’s numbers lately and i want to know more about you, and why you clicked that follow button on me, any questions you’d like to ask? But more importantly, HOW can i help you with the things i’m talking about? ;D

Let’s connect.

Ah, and nice to meet you too.

2 comments on “A Very Proper Introduction.

  1. You are so cute. You know that though.

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