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So i’ve recently injured myself while working out, and as you may or may not know i’m on a quest to find and develop everlasting TRUE STRENGTH. And this has never happened, not even once throughout all these years but i think this is a needed setback that’ll help me in this journey.

And what i want you to take back from this is to not remain stuck in the pit.

You see, challenges and hardships are meant to be faced and then learn something from them- that’s why life showers you with these. And call me crazy but…the more challenges\hardships you get, the more aspects of your life are in dire need of improvement.

That’s just life’s way to tell you where and what to focus.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to feel sad and overwhelmed- i know i was, when i couldn’t train and this whole matter kept hindering my progress.

And this applies to every aspect of life when you feel defeated and broken.

Feel the pain, grieve, but NEVER GIVE IN.

Because mustering the strength and the courage to be true to your life, your aspirations and goals it’s a skill you need to develop, especially when going through mud.

One of the “tricks” i use to be able to adapt to sudden rush of stress and tension is to willingly put myself in stressful and hard situations. And while that might be common knowledge, it does wonders.

And the reason is simple:
Your body becomes familiar with those uncomfortable feelings over time, so that the next time you find yourself in those kind of situations it knows how to act accordingly and appropriately.

Iron is forged through fire, after all.


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