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The Ugly Reality Of Success No One Will Tell You.

I will be BLUNT and REAL with You.

And for some this even might seem ugly. But when you try to succeed there is one immutable truth,

And the truth is that…

It’s Lonely.

When you’re working nonstop those sleepless nights.

It’s Lonely.

When nobody understands what you’re doing and why.

It’s Lonely.

When the overwhelming stress and tears WILL eventually bring you down,

And nobody is there because they can’t be there since they don’t know what it means to you.

It’s Lonely.

When you can’t pay the bills, and it seems like the world is against you and the only thing you get are people who criticize you.

It’s Lonely,

When it seems like everything it’s still the same, and no progress it’s seemly there.

It’s Lonely,

At the top.

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