Why You Should Be Accountable With Yourself.

Accountability, this strange and feared word has been giving nightmares to people all around the world.

But in reality, you should really stop with the unfounded fear.

Being accountable with yourself, others and what you do is actually a superpower, and a rare one at that, nowadays.

See, taking responsibility for something it’s not only a MARK of a trustworthy and respectable individual,
But it should be also your personal way of saying “i can handle this”.

It’s a thing that can enable you to set some standards and pillars for yourself and your life, something you can rely on when everything else seem to fail.

It’s a feeling that overwhelms you and speaks to your inner self and says :

“I can trust myself, i know that whatever trouble might come my way, i’ll deal with it – because i’m ME!”

That’s at least how i see it.

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