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Procrastination It’s Killing Your Efforts.

You may not even realize it, BUT

It’s SO easy to lose a few days of work (If not more) thanks to procrastination.

Again, You won’t even realize it.

This shit it’s dangerous. Lock it down with POWERFUL habits and Discipline.

Otherwise it will slowly leech off you and your success.

And procrastination starts with laziness, and not sticking to your commitments. Do you REALLY want to go down that route?

Now you know what to do, don’t find excuses.

2 comments on “Procrastination It’s Killing Your Efforts.

  1. Hi V and nice to meet your acquaintance too. You said in your ‘about’ page that you want to be pointed in the right direction. You might not like this and I think you could learn a bit more about ‘procrastination’.

    While it’s not a mental health problem as such, it’s also not about being lazy. You might want to read this post I wrote on ‘procrastination?

    Of course, you don’t have to read it. However, if you do, perhaps you’d let me know what you think? Has it changed your opinion?

    Caz 🙂

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  2. Great read, your article!

    While with this mini-post i didn’t really wanted to go in depth (of course) on the topic, i think some people were\are in need of a “wake up call”. This was the purpose!

    I still think procrastination it’s a branch of being lazy, developed from other issues found inside a person. While my opinion remains the same, you made some really great points 😀

    But as you can see my blog it’s aimed toward helping others in the most concrete way i deem possible and effective.

    Nice to meet you too! i’d love to talk and make your acquaintance as well – and thanks for the nice comment 🙂


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