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The Useful Art Of Making Effective Plans, And How It Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Thinking, Organization, Ability to “foresee” the future.
These are all needed and useful things you should take in consideration when making a plan.

But becoming a careful planner can serve you in multiple ways.

Let me give you some pointers on HOW to formulate a good plan.

Before we begin though, we need to dispel a Myth.
And that is that planning it’s something accessible only to geniuses or high-IQ freaks – It’s not.

Even your average Joe it’s capable of mindblowing feats, if he only sets his mind to it.

So, what do you need to be able to make a good, effective Plan?


I’ve just came up with this term – cool right? Purposeful Thinking it’s divided in two areas : Brainstorming & Analyzing.

Brainstorming it’s pretty self-explanatory,
Either with others or yourself is the discussion to produce new ideas or solve problems.

Analyzing includes : The Pros & Cons of that specific thought\idea, the efficiency of it. (Is it doable? does it costs me much resources, aka time, money, endeavor – what do i gain or lose from it, how can you tackle potential problems? ecc…)

Ask yourself this:


And write ’em down. IT’S CRUCIAL.

The Alignment with your goals: Is it something that naturally flows for you and the place you want to reach? this may be a little vague but hear me out,

It’s those little things and details that make you say: “That’s exactly how i imagined for it to go” basically, the compatibility with YOUR SITUATION In relation to your Goal.


While it’s COMPLETELY POSSIBLE to achieve things on your own,

ESPECIALLY For bigger goals, having a group of carefully selected people, it’s advised.

These people MUST :

  • Be Trustworthy individuals (You don’t want snitches, backstabbers or people who lack values or morals)
  • Be specialized in something. (Variety makes good teams – You need unique individuals that bring in some VALUE that’ll help long-term.)
  • Not be fazed by hardships and challenges – aka they need to be tough.
  • NOT be toxic\negative people (they complain, bring others down, they see problems and not solutions, ecc..)


Too much thinking can be good or bad.

Thinking needs to be coupled with Action,
You can’t think of things and expect to manifest themselves, period 😀

You need to put in act all that careful thinking – hard work, perseverance, MOMENTUM & SPEED.

Once your plan is formulated it’s time to execute the “steps” that i previously mentioned – in coordination with your team, or alone.

Having a map that tells you where to go is great, but if you do not actually walk it’s useless right?

So do whatever you need to do to reach the next step, you should have already in mind the sequence of actions you’ll take, some examples\ideas you could use:

  • Make powerful connections.
  • Do paperwork/grinding stuff (contacting clients, putting in “the work” needeed for a specific business or whatever)
  • Gain Useful Assets.
  • Gain support from people.
  • Invest money in high ROI stuff (Return on investment) so things that benefit you long-term ecc…

Tell me what you think about this article in the comment, and IF it has helped you!

Take care.

**cover photo by Gordy69 on DeviantArt**

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