How A Simple Act Of Kindness Can Open The Door To Outstanding Success.

Most people forget that before you are given ANYTHING in life, be it money, peace of mind, love, attention ecc…

You have to give first.

There’s no such thing at something for nothing.

Some examples:
Before you can have money you have to provide value.
Before to be loved, you have to love.
Before to be understood, you have to understand.
Before you take, you must give.

In the end it all boils down to be… selfless,

Doing things for an higher good, just to shed light on people’s lives. Without agendas, without any scruples.

And that is difficult.

That’s why you see a lot of people NOT getting what they want, because they can’t even do this.

How are you supposed to be given anything with such a selfish mindset?

That’s when & how the universe WILL recognize that you’re “worthy” of things such as success and positivity – and it will be sending this good your way.


When you have given, first.

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