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Super Natural Pre-Workouts Foods To Quickly Fuel Your Body With Goodness.

If you’re one of those people who thinks that you NEED those artificial, super-expensive supplements, or you’d like to switch to natural stuff, i got you covered.

But first,
WHY should you avoid taking artificial supplements? I mean, it’s the craze of the moment, right?

Let me ask you this instead:

Why would you rather opt for an artificial, doubtful blend of chemical trash that could bring you harm? (And let’s not mention the ABNORMAL amounts of caffeine inside them)

Especially when nature can provide you with great natural foods that give you energy alternatives for your workouts?

My personal favorites :

Coffee – Perfect BEFORE your workouts, for a quick burst of energy, and if taken prior to your workout, it even helps you burn more kcals during it. (I’m talking about your espresso\black coffee – without any stuff in it.)

The BLACK one.

Green Tea – This goodness brings you energy slower than coffee (so you need time before it acts) BUT the difference is that it provides you with consistent and sustainable energy during your workouts, while coffee blasts you with a boost, with the risk of making you feel a crash.

Also, drinking green tea normally boosts your metabolism – imagine what happens if you take it before working out…yup! even more calories gone.

Pick what you need!

This one has a bit of cocoa powder in it, as you can see.

Banana & Oats– Both SO Underrated, they can work amazingly on their own, but when paired together they provide you with a long lasting amount of energy (Because of the abundance of carbohydrates!) , great for those longer workouts!

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