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The Ultimate Way On How To Finally Break Your Limits Forever.

This is something very few can and will achieve, and this method might not be the “healthiest” around.

But it’s indeed the most effective when trying to achieve big things.

What i’m talking about is… acceptance,

Acceptance of Death.


Hear me out.
Think about this – when you suddenly don’t care for your life (careful here, what i mean it’s the way of thinking that you’re so obsessed with achieving something that you really don’t care what you have to trade in order to achieve it – nothing harmful or stupid – be smart.)

You’ve left behind an enormous pairs of shackles that held you back.

You suddenly can go ALL IN without having to care the slightest of about 90% of things that have little importance in life.

You can even call this “desperation” but i think this is a different thing.

Because in this case you’re putting yourself in a corner, you burn any bridge you might have and let yourself with NO CHANCE of retreating,

In order to achieve your coveted goal.

But this… this doesn’t happen to everyone, and it’s a very lifechanging moment to an individual.

And i personally can’t tell you when and how to achieve this,
Since it’s extremely personal.

Just be aware it’s there.

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