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Blogging & Persistence : A Love Story From A Beginner’s POV

Hello there! I hope life is treating you well.

This is an appreciation post, so i can show people that being consistent can take you a long way- and you should really stop being lazy when trying to achieve stuff.

I’ve started blogging this summer, basically – and February was my most “successful” month yet! isn’t that amazing?

Views, interactions and visitors keep on going up.

And that shows that publishing EVERY week since then was of utmost importance.

Sure, my numbers are nothing special when compared to other’s bloggers, but i’m happy nonetheless.

Why? Because i’m seeing results.

Me being disciplined and CONSISTENT it’s paying off.

I understand that mine it’s a difficult niche to be in, since it’s not very “trendy” – so that’s the more reason to be happy with the results.

I’ve found amazing bloggers along the way that i feel i need to share here with you all – go follow them, they make GREAT content:

Pooja! :
V, The “other” me:
Christian, The blog master :

These are some of my inspirations when it comes to blogging.

Then again, if you follow me you might have noticed that i’m a very direct guy, maybe too direct, at times.

But that’s because that’s who i am AND with my mighty articles i WANT you to feel like how i feel when i talk about something.

The aim i had when creating this blog was to keep everything REAL.

So you can actually use and apply the things i preach about.
I don’t think that sugarcoated information would benefit anyone.

…I got off track right there.
Like i was saying:

Results didn’t come all at once. Visits and interactions started off as “little bricks” slowly piling up on each other.

BUT HEY, don’t get me wrong, i still get a dozen of views a day – like i said, my numbers are nothing special, but are special to me.

Because it means that there’s people who are interested in this kind of content, even if they’re not too many.

I’m not an expert at blogging by any means, but i feel that if you’re having people who vibe and resonate with the content you put out…

That sounds like a very good starting point to me.

But don’t get me wrong, my first goal is to get MINIMUM 1 MILLION VIEWS A MONTH.


And you shouldn’t give up too, even if your goals aren’t as ambitious as mine.

Now, i have a lot in the oven cooking- and lately i’m not feeling 101% satisfied about the quality of the articles i’m producing, i KNOW i can do better.

Stay tuned because i’ve got really amazing stuff FOR YOU coming YOUR WAY.

Keep working hard and results WILL come.

And as always,

Take care.

2 comments on “Blogging & Persistence : A Love Story From A Beginner’s POV

  1. I’m excited to see what amazing things you’ve got coming my way.

    Liked by 1 person

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