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Character Is Forged In The Fire—How To Develop A Thicker Skin So You Can Advance In Life.

There’s an old saying that goes “Men are forged in fire”…

Actually, i don’t think there’s such a saying, but let’s pretend.

This does not applies only to men of course, but to people in general.

But why do i say this?

Well, look at today’s society: the breed of weak people and men it’s rampant within it.

People looking to avoid stress and enable comfort by ANY possible means : Fast food that gives ’em quick satisfaction bursts, along with social media that enables virtue signaling in a scary way… and there’s more!

Gotta love Shin Chan.

Men & Women are not looking to know each other “live” but instead resort to soulless apps like Tinder or other online dating apps,

Yet again looking for a quick alternative that doesn’t “endangers” them with the discomfort to actually APPROACH AND INITIATE A CONVERSATION with the other sex.

People no longer looking to build themselves from the ground-up with difficult tasks, instead, when showed signs of difficulty and danger they quit as quick as possible.

We’re scared.

And all of this is producing weak and soft people.

Weak and ineffective people, that fall prey to the useless and the unnecessary.

  • People who can’t interact with other people
  • People who can’t form meaningful relationships
  • Who cares only about appereance
  • Who despise and envy people who actually have VALUES & STANDARDS.

And we’ve forgotten that only by risking everything and facing adversity will greatness come.

Not by standing idle and hoping that at some point life will magically grant us everything WE DID NOT WORK AND BEEN THROUGH HELL FOR.

And if society keeps on going this direction, it will all just keep on becoming more numb.




And to restore balance to your life and the world you need to change that. Otherwise you’ll be set for a life of mediocre results and numbness.

So the answer is to put yourself in the fire, throw your ass into uncomfortable situations that WILL make you grow,

Little by little.

Approach that cute girl on the street,
Hate yourself and your situation,
Walk through the razors of life to get what you want,
STOP being so emotional and offended by everything.

Throw the things that DO NOT SERVE YOUR GROWTH AWAY.

And you can start putting yourself in the “Discomfort-zone” by changing your body for the better, IT WILL NOT BE EASY, BUT IT’LL BE WORTH IT.

You can get in the best shape of your life from the comfort of your home… With my simple and affordable guide? BULLSHIT!


My Amazing Guide

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