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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Whiskey

Now, i’m not a drunkard by any means-i actually DESPISE ALCOHOL with all my being-and you’d know that if you follow my blog, but… Whiskey it’s something i really appreciate and enjoy from time to time because not only it’s good for you (in moderation, mind you) it’s actually really enjoyable and it has a certain depth to it.

Very manly, if you ask me.

Here are some reasons you should enjoy the occasional glass of whiskey.

1)It’s good for your heart

According to various studies, a glass of whiskey a day helps that amazing muscle of yours filled with love (hopefully) Here’s the results of this particular research by the NCBI (Pubmed):


“Consumption of phenolic-containing alcoholic beverages transiently raises total phenol concentration and enhances the antioxidant capacity of plasma. This is compatible with suggestions that moderate alcohol usage and increased antioxidant intake decrease the risk of coronary heart disease.”

Simply put .. this research didn’t apply only to Whiskey, but to Wine as well- but what it’s saying is basically that moderate consumption helps the plasm portion of your blood to pack on more antioxidants, and as a byproduct results in a healthier heart health.

2)Reduces Stress

This is one of the reasons why whiskey drinkers are chill as duck.

Life and ugly situations can take a toll on you and your mind, body and spirit. And a glass of a nice strong whiskey it’s just what you need at times, since it really SOOTHES your nerves like few things in this world.

But remember, using alcohol as a way to cope with problems can lead to a dangerous road.

So i trust you to do it with responsibility. (I almost sound like an ad on alcoholism, but IT’S FOR YOUR GOOD, DUMMY)

3)Whiskey Helps With Fighting Cancer

This one comes as a news to me, but apparantely this research seems to confirm it. And while you of course shouldn’t use Whiskey as the only treatment, it’s some good news!

4)Helps With Weight Loss

If you didn’t know, Whiskey it’s low in calories, fats and sodium when compared to other alcoholic beverages like beer, for example.

And let’s not forget the FACT that whiskey tastes amazing when compared to beer. Sorry (not really), i’m biased.

And that’s great, because if you’re a Man you should avoid beer since not only it could make you develop the classic “beer gut” but it’s packed full of estrogens, the female hormone.

(And if you want to know more about hormones, check my article on Testosterone)

So if you’re in need of some alcoholic goodness, when you’re trying to lose weight, whiskey it’s perfect.

5)Boosts Your Immune System

Not only then Whiskey it’s great for weight loss, but its abundance of micronutrients such as vitamines and minerals, (mostly coming from the good fermented grains in it)

It contains ellagic acid as well, packed with vitamins that can aid your immune system fight off sicknesses.

Remember though, like all alcohol you shouldn’t indulge too much in Whiskey, keep this awesome beverage AMAZING by exerting common sense.

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