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3 Useful Tips For Handling Business Calls & Meetings Anxiety While Stopping Overthinking.

Do you find yourself overly-anxious before talking to someone important for your success? Is your heart skipping beats while talking to that client, and feel like everything will go to ruin in an instant?

Do you stutter incredibly and seem like you can’t get your point across and you look like an anxious idiot who can’t even hold a conversation? I was in that place too, and still AM at times. Here are some things that might help YOU that seem to work for me.


You have to realize that prospects are HUMAN BEINGS just like you, and that’s going to lift a lot of pressure from your shoulders, trust me.

So, as human beings, they like to have fun and enjoy things that “vibe” with them.

Basically, don’t sound like a robot when talking to them. Don’t be so stiff!

See ’em like a friend you’re having a chat with – keep things lighthearted, friendly and HUMAN, without forgetting about the purpose of the call, helping them solve an issue.

Joke around a bit, connect with them – be professional & a pleasure to talk to.

They will be prone to likely work with a positive and cheerful person, who doesn’t want that?!
And that will result in an awesome business partnership.

Balance is the key.



This way you’ll be able to get a better grasp of their situation and you say overall less things that might ruin the call, and that equals to less anxiety!


Recognize that failing or not “closing” the client is OK.

Don’t think too much about it, use the failed interaction as a stepping stone to propel you forward.

See what you could have done better, what things that you could have phrased in a different way, ecc..

Put more emphasis on the important topics and implement all these adjustments in your next interaction.

3 comments on “3 Useful Tips For Handling Business Calls & Meetings Anxiety While Stopping Overthinking.

  1. Really great tips especially the one about listening more!

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