The Virus Situation In Italy: Irresponsibility At Its Peak.

‘Tis more an introspective post than usual. Now, don’t get me wrong, i couldn’t care less about this virus BUT i’m not one of those individuals who underestimates the potential of it.

And seeing my “fellows countrymen” (aka utter idiots) acting like nothing is going on it fills me with rage and murderous instinct. I want to make them sober up like this:

Why you ask? Let me explain.

Let alone the fact that our politicians-and media, downplayed (like many other countries) the situation, like this was a normal flu, when it’s MUCH more than that.

But i won’t go into details to avoid misunderstandings and conspiracy territory.

And this led to people acting like savages with no ounce of thought:

  • People spitting in the face of medical stuff, to purposely spread and infect. (Yes, it happened.)
  • People going out and about like nothing is going on (this has ONLY NOW halted to a point, but still)
  • People Partying HARDER than usual.
  • People (Majors and Presidents) saying : “*insert italian city here* won’t close down! we’ll fight the virus with love AND more contact!”

And with the virus not manifesting symptoms UP TO 24 DAYS IN CERTAIN (rarer) cases…

What could possibly go wrong, right?

Yeah well,

Now Italy it’s the 2nd Most infected country in the world, after China.

The once buzzling streets are now empty and with people you can count with your fingers.

With deaths rising daily. this can and probably WILL go out of hand quickly.

The SLOW response from the government is to blame, but there’s no use now crying over spilled milk.

We should just brace ourselves, even if you’re not in Italy.
Do not succumb to the virus BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY to sadness and depression, and hard times.

THOSE are the real challenges.

Take care.

Now more than ever.

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