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Are Mentors Really Necessary When it Comes to Your Success?


Call them however you want, they’re usually the ones who light the way to the clueless you.

They’re a spring of knowledge and wisdom, and for a good reason: They’ve been tested and have been through the battlefield.

And they make your learning journey insightful but by no means easier than it would have been if you were on your own.

But are they REALLY necessary for your success?
The answer is… no.

And i say that because in the end, they’re merely acting as “sharpening stones” if you may,
For you, the raw piece of iron.

But that doesn’t mean that without the sharpening stone the piece of iron is useless.

You get what i’m trying to say?

If the piece of iron is of good quality (If you have good traits that let you thrive on your own) It STILL is an incredible raw material.

Sure, the mentor would surely help you – but at the end of the day, even if you had it, the work still needs to come FROM YOU.

So you can finally see that it’s not really about having someone to guide you, as long as you’re longing and doing everything you can to succeed.

4 comments on “Are Mentors Really Necessary When it Comes to Your Success?

  1. I couldn’t agree more!

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    • Right? Thanks for your comment. 😀

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      • No worries. Yep I have always wondered at what some people are looking for from their ‘mentors’. If it’s something they don’t have they won’t get it but they will get some stories of lived experience in whatever field it is 🙂

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      • Indeed. And even if they are able to “get” said mentor, they shouldn’t rely too much in him\her. 🙂

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